Done! W210 E55 AKL with w210 bench cable + mb power adapter + vvdi mb

Tested successfully! Mercedes W210 E55 akl using w210 bench cable and mb power adapter and vvdi mb tool

w210-moe-cable-vvdi-mb-e55-1 w210-moe-cable-vvdi-mb-e55-2 w210-moe-cable-vvdi-mb-e55-3 w210-moe-cable-vvdi-mb-e55-4 w210-moe-cable-vvdi-mb-e55-5 w210-moe-cable-vvdi-mb-e55-6


And Success read password?

after 15 min BOOM Password successful amigo.Working perfect


How much time should be calculated

maybe 15 min max 20min


What is the cable you are using?

It’s W210 Moe cable.


Where did you buy this cable?

I’m using the site: