CBAY Handy Baby For 46/48/4C/4D/G Chip

CBAY Handy Baby is a Car Key Copy Key Programmer Specially for 4D/46/48 Chips copy, JMD Assistant is an OBD model to help Handy Baby to read out data from Volkswagen cars.With JMD adapter, Handy baby can read ID48 96 chips online.

Handy Baby Hand-held Car Key Programmer for 4D/46/48 Chips Plus G Chip Copy Function

Handy baby and JMD Assistant update to new version,Audi 4th/5th generation keys cloning come ture,it is easy to do and have no risk,and JMD keys can use for cloning and program with other tools too.

Handy Baby Version V8.3.0 New Added Function:

1,Audi half keyless 754c clone;

2,Audi half keyless 754j clone;

3,Audi A6 ID8E clone;

4,Audi 4th generation ID48 clone;

5,BMW motorcycle 4D70-DST80 clone(online);

6,Chevorlet Lova 4D70–DST80 clone(online);

7,Great Wall H6(Diesel version) ID46 generate;

8,GM 4D70-DST80 genarate;

9,Fix bugs konwn.

Handy Baby V8.8.8 Newly released:

1. increase the main program 60 master key display matching password, distinguish between primary and secondary key function;

2. increase the Toyota smart card 40/80 bit unlock function;

3. increase the three-mode chip Wang copy Honda 47 function;

4. increase the blank 47 generation function (only support three-mode chip king);

5. increase hita AES / PRO chip read and write functions;

6. increase the 8A distinction between primary and secondary keys, P4 / 5/6/8/10 write, lock function;

7. increase hitag VAG unlock function (only support palm 754C, 754J);

8. Increase the 96-bit 48-chip online copy copy function, except for the blade key.

Handy Baby King Chip can be used as 46 Chip, 48 Chip, 4C/4D Chip, G Chip.