368A Key Cutting/Duplicate machine, it’s all here

The 368A key cutting machine is really good because you can only spend a few dollars buying this and you will pay back very quickly.

Of course, it will not compete with Xhorse Condor XC MINI key cutting machine, because it only designed to duplicate/cut keys for Honda/BMW/ Volkswagen (VW, Audi, Skoda, Seat etc) car brands.


Top 8 features of the inexpensive machine:


  1. This machine is very good for the value. US$79 in uobd2.
  2. Extremely light weight: 10kg (Volume weight)
  3. Multi functional, equipped with horizontal feeding movable handle
  4. The cover is made of ABS material, the surface with high hardness, good chemical resistance, heat and corrosion resistance and impact strength.
  5. The key blade is made of copper and processed by vacuum heat. It becomes more resilient and easy to cut.
  6. The plastic parts are assembled without gaps, which is connected by split line and looks perfect.
  7. Multifunctional steel fixture with dark key duplication service pitch line and cylinder type key assembly function (multifunctional clamp), can copy various hollowness type,wave type,cylindricalkey and key for multi lock and composite bead keys and some car keys
  8. With hardened ball bearing slide mechanism.


368A key cutting machine operation video


Image saved:

368a-key-cutting-machine 368a-key-cutting-machine-1(1) 368a-key-cutting-machine-2 368a-key-cutting-machine-2(1) 368a-key-cutting-duplicated-machine-2 368a-key-cutting-machine-3 368a-key-cutting-machine-1

368A key Duplicate Machine has two buttons on the side, one is the light button and the other is the power button (start cut key by pressing the button)



368A Key Copy Cutting/Duplicated Machine Parameters:


Working Condition:200W


Dimension size:30 *21*35cm




No Built-in battery

Plug Type: UK.USA.BR.CN.EU etc



Comes in Wooden box


Components, accessories etc













368a-key-cutting-duplicated-machine-5 368a-key-cutting-duplicated-machine-3

How to Operate368A Key Copy Cutting Machine?

See uobdii.com webpage.

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