Xhorse Condor Mini Plus and Condor Mini,which is better?

Xhorse Condor Mini Plus, showed in the 2018 5.18 Chinese Locksmith annual meeting, will be available within 2 months.

Condor Mini Plus is better than Condor Mini in the following aspects.

1) Space between cover and key is bigger…. for XC-MINI many keys with casings like VW flip key will not allow you to close the cover .
2) The screen is designed with adjustable angle. Many time the machine is on a higher / desk and it’s then difficult to operate and see what’s on the screen.
3) Mounting support – to make it easier when mounting the machine on a Mobile unit as you don’t want it flying around in the back of your VAN….

Here images of Condor Mini Plus:

Condor-Mini-Plus-01 Condor-Mini-Plus-02 Condor-Mini-Plus-04 Condor-Mini-Plus-06 Condor-Mini-Plus-07 Condor-Mini-Plus-08 Condor-Mini-Plus-10 Condor-Mini-Plus-m4-clamp-11 Condor-Mini-Plus-m4-clamp-12