CN900 copy and decode 4D chip by CN2 example in action

One of our customer had “Key is locked Insert a Replicable key” error when decode 4D chip with CN900 auto key programmer. The reason was that he did not follow the correct procedure to copy 4D chip. here gives an example of decoding Ford 4D63 chip with CN900 by CN2 car key chip.

Equipments needed:

CN900 key chip copy machine

4D Decoder cloner box

CN2 car key chip

OEM key and key blank



1.First insert the original key with 4D63 chip in CN900 testing hole and press Identify & Copy button. Wait for few seconds will see Decode and P4: XX XX XX XX XX


2.Connect CN900 with PC to decode 4D chip. Open CN900 PC software, find out “CN900 Decode 4D” file and open it.

If the prompt does not appear, click CN900 Decode 4D again.


The system will prompt: The Database is ready for processing.


3.Back to CN900 key programmer and press “Decode” button.


4.CN900 will display “Decoding” message. And computer screen will display count down Timing as well.




If the device display SUCCESS which means the decode procedure is finished.


  1. Decode completed. CN900 will display Copy and P4:01 43 87 93 73. Remove the key from testing hole and insert CN2 car key chip into the hole.

Press “Copy” button.


Please wait. Don’t Move the new key.


Verify Data


CN2 copy 4D63 success.


6 Check if CN2 copy 4D63 successfully

Keep the CN2 in testing hole and press “Back” button and press “Identify& Copy” button. Wait for few seconds then will see the CN2 data showing same as original key with 4D63 chip.


The chip copy procedure is done completely.




How to use OBDSTAR X-100 Pro EEPROM function?


Original OBDSTAR X-100 pro auto key programmer support EEPROM function with EEPROM adapter. Here is the instruction on how to use the EEPROM adapter and EEPROM function.



How to use the EEPROM adapter?

  1. The EEPROM Adapter must works together with OBDSTAR X100 PRO, can not work alone.
  1. Provide your OBDSTAR X100 pro key programmer SN(serial number) to customer service ( We will active the EEPROM Adapter authorization for you.
  1. After open the authorization, browse to OBDSTAR official website register and update.
  1. Then connect X100 pro key programmer with vehicle or power supply, then turn on the machine

5) Connect the EEPROM adapter or chip with the X-100 pro main unit. Follow the system operation and select EEPROM function


  1. OBSTAR X100 EEPROM function fist following models and will add more model in the future:

EERPOM adapter support list

Add 24C01/02/04/08/16/32 chip read/write/save/recovery data function;

Add 93C46/56/66/76/86 chip read/write/save/recovery data function;

Add 25010/020/040/080/040/080/040/080/256 chip read/write/save/recovery data function;

Add 95010/020/040/080/040/080/040/080/256 chip read/write/save/recovery data function;

Add Audi security code read function;

Add Baic E150, E130 security code read function;

Add Buick security code read function;

Add Cadillac SLS, SRX security code read function;

Add Changan CM8, Yue xiang, Zhi xiang,benben security code read function;

Add Changhe security code read function;

Add Chery STEC immobiliser and DIAS immobiliser security code read function;

Add Chevrolet Cruze, Trax security code read function;

Add Chrysler security code read function;

Add Citroen Elysee security code read function;

Add Dflz and security code read function;

Add Dfpv S3 security password read function;

Add Geely Emgrand security code read function;

Add Great Wall security code read function;

Add Hafei security code read function;

Add Hnmazda security code read function;

Add Hawtai security code read function;

Add Huapu security code read function;

Add MG3 security code read function;

Add Jiangling security code read function;

Add Liebao security code read function;

Add Skoda security code read function;

Add VW security code read function;

Add Zznissan security code read function;

Add Zotye to security code read function;

Note: Need to remove the EEPROM chip read password

  1. Do not use the EEPROM with Xtool X100 pro. Xtool X100 will not do EEPROM function.


Car Key chip copy: Handy-baby vs. Quickly vs. CN900

Which is the better 4D/4C/46/48 car key chip machine, handy-baby hand-held key programmer, Quickly code reader or CN900 auto key programmer? Check the table comparison below:

Item Handy-baby car key copy key programmer Quickly 4C/4D/46/48 code reader CN900 Auto key programmer
Item No SK166 SK173 SK94
Image  Handy-baby-car-key-copy  quickly-key-programmer  CN900-key-programmer
Language English English English
Update Update online File update Update online
Support Chip type 4D/46/48 4C/4D/46/48 4C/4D/46/48
Chip used SA1277
Special function Recognize chip 13, 40/41/42/44/45, 4C/46/48, 4D61/62/63/67/68/68﹢/71


1. Recognize and unlock ID48

2. Support Read TOYOTA H Key


1.          Recognize and unlock ID48

2.          Support Read TOYOTA H Key

3. +SK123+SK159 support Toyota smart

Accessories Directly copy 4D/46 chip Need 4D Decoder to copy 4D chip

Need ID46 cloner box to copy 46 chip

Need 4D Decoder to copy 4D chip

Need ID46 cloner box to copy 46 chip



How to install Xhorse VVDI2 software and driver


Original Xhorse VVDI 2/VVDI II VAG Vehicle Diagnostic Interface is available in Here is the step-by-step instruction on installing VVDI 2 software and driver.

Operating system: Windows XP

Language: Chinese/English


Main Steps:

  1. Install VVDI2 software
  2. Install VVDI 2 driver


1.Install VVDI 2 software


Open VVDI2 software folder

Install VVDI2-Insatller.exe setup



Select software language


Install VVDI2 Setup Wizard, click “Next


Save file to C: \Program Files \VVI2\VVDI2 \, click Next


Click “Install


Install VVDI Device FDTI CDM Driver

NOTE: If you install VVDI2 software (any version) for the first time, you need to select “Next”, otherwise, select “Cancel


Device drivers are installed. Click “Finish


VVDI2 software has been successfully installed. Click “Close


  1. Install VVDI2 driver

Generally, VVDI2 driver will be installed automatically. If driver installation failed or programs cannot connect to VVDI2, you need install driver manually.


Manual Install Driver

Open My Computer-> Manager-> Device Manager

Open windows explorer, right click “My computer” and select “Properties


Open “System properties


Select “Hardware”-> “Device Manager”, open Device Manager


Install Bus driver: Disconnect other USB cable from PC (Mouse and keyboard should keep connect)

VVDI 2 install with other version drivers: In select “Universal Serial Bus controllers”-> “USB Serial Converter”, double click on it, get properties window:

Click Driver tab.: “Driver Date” should be 3/18/2011, “Driver Version” should be If driver date and driver version are set right, do not install driver again. If not set correctly, install driver with following steps.



Select “Driver”-> “Update Driver”. Open “Hardware Update Wizard

Select “Install from a list or specific location (Advanced)”, click “Next


Select “Don’t search. I will choose the driver to install”. Click “Next” Sometimes you will get directly, at this situation, go to next 2 steps.


Select “Universal Serial Bus controllers”, click “Next


Select “Hard Disk….”, get install from disk window


Input absolute path for USB driver folder in install directory (Browse…and choose install directory, or you can find the path from Start->Programs->VVDI2->USB Drivers). Press OK and wait complete.

Sometimes system will ask again for “Are you sure to install this drivers?”, click “Continue”


VVDI2 is not recognized: you can find VVDI2 (yellow mark) in “Other devices” list from Device Manager. Double click get properties window.

Then install driver accord VVDI2 install with other version drivers.


Verify Bus Driver: Open properties window after install driver. Click Driver tab.

Check “Update Date”=3/18/2011

“Driver Version”=


VVDI2 software and drivers installation completed