Xhorse condor xc mini updated online error solution

Question:Xhorse condor xc mini key cutting machineI just updated online, now can’t work m2 clamp,I think instead of upgrade I downgrade the machine.When I try to adjust clamp stop…

Question:Xhorse condor xc mini key cutting machineI just updated online, now can’t work m2 clamp,I think instead of upgrade I downgrade the machine.When I try to adjust clamp stop because now the picture of the clamp different to the clamp I have look at the pictures I attached.

condor mini before update-01 condor mini after update-02 condor mini update version-03
I select version 2.0.6 to update.
Working solution:
Download Condor XC-Mini update tool and follow the instruction to update.
Download Condor XC-Mini update tool at:
Update instruction:
1. Connect Mini machine to your PC, turn on the machine.

2. After Install “driver file”, open the update software.


3. Select preferred language by yourself, and then click on “Update”.


4.Select update version, click on “Update Online “wait until it displays “Update Success”, wait for a while(30seconds). Restart machine.

Condor XC-MINI, Miracle A6, X6… Reviews by Locksmith

This is a professional review on key cutting machines, including Xhorse Condor, Miracle A7, Viper machine, Ninja laser & x6 key cutter, by an experienced locksmith.
Condor xc-mini is a good budget machine , more suited to the workshop than mobile due to size and weight. it has some bugs , some issues and some gaps , but the quick and easy update for lifetime plus wonderful function are the scoring points. this for what it costs, on the whole a decent machine for the money.
Miracle A7 is a reliable machine , has a few bugs but reliable as a light use machine , ideal mobile on a van and space saving .
Viper is a heavy machine and can play up in cold , but is a great heavy duty machine that will give a lifetime of reliable use and receives lifetime updates and as Silca is normally up to date.
Ninja laser – excellent machine , nothing better for me on sx9 keys , laguna 3 , megane 3 , new clio cards using 1234Q5678H series and decoding and cutting clio 3 keys , fast reliable cutting that allows you to pick various styles of cut as well as adjust to half cuts etc , the software can take getting used to due to the functions available on it , adds cylinder keys to your services too , its a well built machine that is like silca updated for life free.
most will cut a tibbe key on a clamp , but none will in my view cut a perfect tibbe key , a stand alone option will always cut a better key and far quicker too .
I have all of the above machines , so have hands on and regular experience with each machine and use them all , i like them all over the next for certain functions and all do different jobs for me , viper will always be my baby as it was my first , but ninja laser is catching it up fast my only gripe is viper is 30 second boot time , ninja laser is 4 minutes to boot up , but these 2 are in a league of their own
condor xc-mini key machine is a far superior machine to the x6 key cutter, the x6 is a starter machine for very light use and build quality is poor in comparison , i had an x6 to play with for a few months , i wouldn’t buy one having gone hands on with it , condor will last longer and be more reliable of the 2 , its at least being supported and updated which is a big plus and is a far superior build quality to the x6 which at best is a hobby or starter machine .
it isn’t always 100% accurate , but the find biting function on condor is useful if you don’t have instacode to hand , and is a useful addition that makes the condor more useful.
Below is what i tested with Condor machine.
Do Toyota TOY43 all key lost, save you a lot of time
Cut Suzuki, Mazda (key tooth in ignition lock more than door lock) all key lost, simply by enter the key code
Do Hyundai, Kia, Peugeot, and Citroen all key lost, directly program keys
HU101 works fine, HU92 works fine.
HU66 OK, have to do two passes on each side to get the key to work, same with hu100.
Fix the problem that other key cutting machines cut domestic Honda key not accurately
But it is a pity that there is no solution for Renault emergency blade yet

Condor XC-MINI key cutting machine forget password (fixed)


If you forget the password you have set to the Xhorse Condor XC-MINI master series key cutting machine, what should you do?


Follow these steps:


Open Condor MINI online update tool software

Press condor-xc-mini-password-4button and select “Clear ALL data”, see picture


After clear all data, if the device still ask to enter password, then enter “123456


If the machine does not ask to enter password, then start “Self-Test


Tthen do Height Level calibration, Cutting Calibration or Clamp calibration follow the system prompt



CONDOR XC-MINI detailed inform, it is all here 


This post answers all the questions about CONDOR XC-MINI made by Xhorse Company, including: outlook, weight, price, update, language, specification, inside structure, compare with old condor, tested key type, operation instruction, etc..

Let’s start one-by-one.

Condor xc-mini schematic:

Schematic of condor xc-Mini


Net Weight: 18Kg

Gross Weight: 22.9KG

Price: 09-29-2015 update, mini condor for $3,199 free shipping at Xhorse dealer: uobdii.com. Details at: http://www.uobdii.com/wholesale/ikeycutter-condor-xc-mini.html


Software supports online-update.

Language Available:


English menu as follows for example.

operation interface en-02 operation interface en-01

XC-Mini specification:

Input Voltage: 90V–264VAC

Input Frequency: 47~63Hz

Consume: 200W

Packing Dimensions: L450×W450×H350mm

Machine Dimensions: L265×W362×H301mm

Display: 1024×600

Spindle Speeds: 9000rpm


Working Temperature: 0~50℃

Humidity: 10~90%

Photo of machine structure

photo of machine structure-1 photo of machine structure-2 photo of machine structure-3 photo of machine structure-4 photo of machine structure-5

Photo of Condor XC-Mini Motor, Screw Mandrel & Cross Rail, Power Supply

component-05  component-02 component-03 component-04

This is new M2 clamp ….this replace old m2 and m3 clamp —fix hu64 smart key—

is required new software ..

m2 clamp


m2 clamp-02

The tested key type, the bug on the old model bee fixed, and more operation instructions, please read CONDOR XC-MINI user manual



Xhorse Condor XC Mini key cutting make keys in 4 ways

There are 4 ways to make keys/cut keys with Xhorse iKeycutter Condor XC-MINI automotive key cutting machine, including using Key Database, Key Duplication, Cut by Bitting (with or without original key).


1 Using Key Database

To use the key database, you should know your key brand and supply your key code.


1) Select “Key Database” on the main menu


2) Select car brand and Confirm


3) Enter key code and confirm


4) Enter key serial code and confirm


5) The Bitting Code will be found in the database, and it will be shown on the screen, click on “Cut” button to start cut key





2.Using Key Duplication

To use Key Duplication, you need to supply the car type and year of the production.


1) Select “Key Duplication” on the main menu


2) Select vehicle maker and Confirm


3) Select car type and Confirm


4) Select detail car type and year of production, press Confirm


5) Put the original Key in the properly position of the clamp display on the screen, then click on “Decode Key” button


6) Verify bit code and modify bit code if needed, Click on “Cut” button to start cut key



3 Using Cut by Bitting

Method 1: without original key in hand using Cut by Bitting


1) Select “Cut by Bitting” on the main menu


2) Select the Blank key and Confirm


3) Select key type and Confirm


4) Put the Blank Key in the properly position of the clamp display on the screen

5) Enter bitting and verify, then click on “Cut” to start




Method 2: existing the original key using Cut by Bitting

1) Select key blank and Confirm


2) Select key type and Confirm


3) Click on “Decode Key”, the found bitting will display on the screen


4) Verify bitting and modify bitting if needed, Click on “Cut” to start