How to Solve CGDI BMW “21E1 FEM BDC version does not support “

Provide the reason why CGDI BMW programmer pops up “21E1 FEM BDC version does not support ” when programming key via OBD, and how to solve step by step.

Provide the reason why CGDI BMW programmer pops up “21E1 FEM BDC version does not support ” when programming key via OBD, and how to solve step by step.


Possible reason:

Because some BMW F series with FEM / BDC Immobilizer system has higher or lower firmware version, the user will get message “21E1 FEM BDC version does not support, please upgrade FEM BDC first ” when using CGDI BMW to program key via OBD. then many users tend to think their FEM/BDC is not supported by CGDI BMW and miss the chance to earn money. In the following parts, I will show you how to solve this problem.


Solution provided by engineer:

1.Ensure the BMW has correct voltage, plug CGDI BMW to the OBD2 port of to BMW.


2.Click on “FEM / BDC key Match”, you may get message “FEM/BDC version is not supported, please upgrade FEM/BDC first”.

cgdi-bmw-fem-bdc-version-does-not-support-solution-02 cgdi-bmw-fem-bdc-version-does-not-support-solution-02


3.Turn on the ignition switch, open the door, click on “F /G series program”.


Choose “2 . FEM _Body”, then “Begin Program”.

cgdi-bmw-fem-bdc-version-does-not-support-solution-05 cgdi-bmw-fem-bdc-version-does-not-support-solution-05 cgdi-bmw-fem-bdc-version-does-not-support-solution-05 cgdi-bmw-fem-bdc-version-does-not-support-solution-08 cgdi-bmw-fem-bdc-version-does-not-support-solution-09 cgdi-bmw-fem-bdc-version-does-not-support-solution-10 cgdi-bmw-fem-bdc-version-does-not-support-solution-11


4.Turn on the ignition switch, open the door, click on “F /G series coding”.



Choose “2 . FEM _Body”, then “Coding”.



5.Get prompt that all are fine, follow the on-screen message to operate.

cgdi-bmw-fem-bdc-version-does-not-support-solution-14 cgdi-bmw-fem-bdc-version-does-not-support-solution-15 cgdi-bmw-fem-bdc-version-does-not-support-solution-16



BMW CGDI Prog Real Customer Feedback and FAQs From Forum

Here UOBDII service collect many customers feedback for BMW CGDI on what can work and frequently asked questions and answers. Hope it can make you a deep understand on this BMW key programmer.


CGDI BMW Feedback 1:

1.11-02-2018 update

CGDI works good CAS2 takes 2min CAS3 most of the time Downgrade 10-15min, no solderind all via OBD, as for INS i think it can only do 8HP i have not tried it, but i tried to read the INS from CAS3 and it did no problem.


2.10-10-2018 update

I just got the CGDI for BMW based on reading good reviews for their Mercedes tool. Have not seen much info for the BMW tool so I thought Id give a quick run down from my experience so far with the tool.

For making keys it has worked great. I have made about 7 keys so far all CAS types except CAS4.

I tried to read ISN on 3 cars and failed. I think it may only read ISN from MSV80/85 ecu’s. Will try on the MSV80 soon and will update. All done by OBD.


I have BMWExplorer and have used Autohex as well, but if you only need to program keys and your not concerned with ISN for DME swaps, I would buy the CGDI before those tools.

Its supposed to do ISN but the advertising wording can be misleading. It may only be able to read ISN of 2 types of DME. So far thats how its looking. Will contact my vendor to verify and see if there is an update preventing ISN reads.

For the money its worth it just to be able to program the CAS3 keys. It works super fast literally less than 2 minutes beginning to end. Faster than BMWExplorer for sure. I have yet to successfully do FEM key with Explorer so as far as Im concerned it has the same key programming capability as the CGDI.


3. 09-17-2017 update

yes i have CGDI BMW …at this time works good ,,,,cas3+ ,,,can read isk code ,,,,and you have to pay more for fem activation but can work ,,,,the best tool for bmw is autohex II but is very expensive than cgdi , cgdi is good option



CGDI BMW Feedback 2:



Excellent tool so far. no bricks or problems.
extremely fast for cas1, 2 & 3

for cas3+ if need downgrade 10 minutes and seems safe, ISN read from DME 10 minutes does not support all DME is down side.
make sure you have proper power on the car



cas4 F10 – ok (new key)
cas4+ F10 – ok (new key) isn from org key or dump DME
fem/bdc F31 – ok – reset mileage, change isn, change vin, make keys with oryginal key and with dump from DDE
cas3+ E60- ok , downgrade and make key with isn from org key


Feedback 3. 24-08-2018

Mine CGDI BMW has activated no issues, updates and everything fine. this programmer has been very good and ive never had an issue. i havnt need to contact support yet.


Feedback 4. 25-08-2018

So far i tried it to read ISN form MSV80 result OK
read and wright ISN cas 3 result OK


Feedback 5 08-09-2018

Did a 2008 E60 528i it asked for DownGrade it took around 10min no error codes this time all perfect key works.




Q1: on CGDI BMW info it says supports bmw key unlock, does that mean i can reuse a old key and reprogram it?

also how safe if downloading for cas3+, i only ran into this issue one time and i did not downgrade as worried mess things up. im curious how well this programmer works.


A1: Yes, you can reuse an old key and reprogram it.
and yes it is safe if downgrade for CAS3+.

Q2: how do you unlock the key and reuse did you try this?

A2: there is a button that says unlock key. i tried and worked with aftermarket key, did not try on a original bmw key to unlock(tested on e60 cas2)


Q3: Key programming steps for cas4 I have f10

A3: Cas4 can only be done by reading DFlash from Freescale cpu then load into programmer software and generade key. It can no ne done by obd.
You need xprog or vvdi prog to read the dflash.


Q4: CGDI BMW need to pay every 6 month subscription same as CGDI Mercedes ?

A4: No


Q5: I have cgdi for bmw. Got a key and the cas module. Is there any1 familiar with how to program the key. I want to do bench programming without obd2 I have an obd2 to cas adapter and cgdi but cant communicate with cas unit. Is this even possible?

A5: You could try through a KGM body module or a JBBE junction box.
These modules act as the CAN hub for the car.

How CDGI BMW and CG100 Program BMW FEM/BDC

Since last October, all CGDI Prog BMW come with free BMW FEM/BDC function. This post will share a full guide about how to do BMW FEM/BDC key match with and without key with the help of CG100. Here, CG100 use to read out the FEM 95128 IC data and save it.

This post will be in two parts: copy key with key and copy key without key.


Open the car door, connect the vehicle and CGDI BMW via OBD, the vehicle maintains voltage is above 12v , do not turn off the computer screen during operation.

Select “FEM/BDC key match” and click enter

Connect successfully, maintain enough voltage, click “yes”

Need to disassemble the module, read EEPROM data, FEM is 95128

FEM module installation location

Use CG100 to read out 95128 IC data and save the data

Remove the 95128 chip and clip it to the ATMEGA adapter


Open the CG100 to read the data and save it

Use CGDI Prog BMW to load the data

Load successfully, save the new data generated by the system

Write back new data with CG100, weld back to module, and click next

Waiting for programming, after finish it, write back 95128 original data, put FEM into the car again, and click next

Then, use CG-100 to write back 95128 original data

When finished, click “next”

Set code successfully, customers can do any operation


The following guide will set into two parts: copy with key and copy without key

  1. Copy with key

choose the unused key, and click “generate the dealer key”

Choose read working key, click Next

Read successfully and display information

After matching the key, a note will show out new key matched successfully



  1. Copy key without key

Use CG 100 to read the engine data

Choose “ECU

Click on the engine model option to enter the current vehicle

According to the software physical wiring diagram wiring

Physical connection

Click read EEPROM

Read successfully and save the data

Show ISN and VIN

Return to CGDI BMW, select unused key bits, and click “generate dealer keys””

Click on the next item that you select and click next (Manually input known ISN)

Check the information and click ok

Place new key

New key programming success

Update! CGDI BMW Prog Version 2.2.0 Adds New Functions

CGDI BMW Prog key programmer version 2.2.0 add BMW F Series Coding, restore coding and backup coding, add BMW EGS, add read/write BMW CAS ISN. For more details, please go ahead.



CGDI BMW Update Note:
1. Increase the new functions of BMW F Series Coding, restore coding and backup coding
2. Add BMW EGS new function
3. Add read/write BMW CAS ISN (4 bytes) feature
4. Modify software auto-activation display, increase user interaction
5. DEM wiring diagram optimization provides full-screen display
6. BMW OBD key matching and FEM/BDC compatible small screen display
7. Modify CAS4 key matching key whether display error
8. Fix bugs


Cheap working CAS key programmer advice

If you are looking tool for BMW cas1-3+ key making it can be done from obd and dump for cas reading dumps. You can’t miss reading this post.


You have big choice and you can find more tools

But remember it s a BMW.


Option 1: Xhorse VVD2 BMW 

VVD2 BMW never let me down

VVD2 BMW user manual (on BMW cas 1-3 and CAS4 CAS4+ key programming etc)

VVDI2 adds BMW CAS4+new key


VVDI2 & VVDI Prog program CAS4+ all key lost

VVDI 2 BMW read the ISN from MSD and MSV ECUs and more


VVDI BMW price: $1000USD




Option 1: CGDI BMW key programmer 


Support Key Programming for BMW CAS1/CAS2/CAS3, and Support Key Matching and All key lost for CAS4 /CAS 4+.

Support BMW Key Programming with OBD Functions.

CGDI MSV80 BMW Car Key Programmer car list:

1.BMW CAS1/CAS2/CAS3/CAS3+/key increasing matching, KEY all lost matching, CAS computer replace,CAS3+/P4X above version can directly downgrade by OBD in 5 minus 100% safety.
2.BMW CAS4/CAS4+/Support key matching, support key all lost matching.
3.Support BMW key inspection, can check key what status in.
4.Support BMW engine computer DME replacement.
5.Support BMW MSV80/MSD80/MSD85/series OBD read ISN code (no need to split computer when matching key)
Exclusively support in Domestic
6.Support BMW Key unlock.




CGDI BMW is extremely fast for cas1, 2 & 3 for cas3+ if need downgrade 10 minutes and seems safe, ISN read from DME 10 minutes does no t support all DME is down side.
make sure you have proper power on the car.

cas4 F10 – ok (new key)
cas4+ F10 – ok (new key) isn from org key or dump DME
fem/bdc F31 – ok – reset mileage, change isn, change vin, make keys with oryginal key and with dump from DDE
cas3+ E60- ok , downgrade and make key with isn from org key

CGDI PROG bmw f20 2014 mileage reset OK
Read ISN DME MSD80 OK 5WK93628

– Cas4 can only be done by reading DFlash from Freescale cpu then load into programmer software and generade key. It can no ne done by obd. You need xprog or vvdi prog to read the dflash.

CGDI BMW tool programs BMW CAS3 key video:


Where & Price:

Price: $655




Option 3: Lonsdor K518ISE 

Lonsdor K518ISE a multi brand key maker and the seller claims it can update cas latest by obd.


BMW CAS3/CAS3+/CAS3++: direct OBD programming

BMW CAS4/CAS4+: dismantle & read data programming


Lonsdor K518ISE Program Key for BMW CAS3++


K518ISE Program BMW FEM BDC key


Related info:

Lonsdor K518 key programmer feedback


Lonsdor K518 key programmer car list


Price: 1,299USD




This is all I can offer here, for more I’d like to update when they are tested working without problem.

CGDI Prog BMW MSV80 key programmer Feedback

CGDI BMW FEM BDC key learn is in the dismantling method instead of OBD method. Then you have to know the FEM/BDC system location, 95128 IC location, 95256 IC location and Key learning position, read the detail in the below parts.


  1. BMW FEM/ BDC installation location.


  1. 95128 IC location


  1. 95256 IC location


  1. Key learning position


That’s all.


Value bundle:

CGDI Prog BMW MSV80 plus BWM FEM/BDC Authorization.

Newest CGDI Prog BMW MSV80 key programmer without activation

CGDI Prog BMW MSV80 key programmer activation newest policy: All users don’t need to active the machine by themselves. After receiving the unit, you install it on the computer and you will see the device displays “Device activation time remaining 30 days” because the CGDI Pro engineer already help you active in advance, hoping you won’t feel frustrated in the beginning of using the machine. Then, when you see the machine displays “Device activation time remaining 0 days”, don’t worry, please click on the setting icon“Settings ” icon, then ” Check for updates” shown in the following image, then you will see you have 30 days activation, don’t you think it is easier?



Now to tell all of your friends this good news, share with them it is much easier to use CGDI Prog BMW key programmer.


CGDI Prog BMW key programmer User guide:

1 free download F series programming database

2 How CGDI Prog Programs key on BMW MSV80 CAS4/CAS 4+ all key lost?


CGDI Prog BMW key programmer Vidoe:

CGDI Prog BMW Read MSD85 ECU Engine–UOBD2


BMW 3 Series FEM Key Programming By CGDI Prog –UOBD2


CGDI Prog Program Key For BMW CAS3–UOBD2


CGDI Prog MV80 Program BMW CAS3 keys Via OBD–UOBD2

CGDI Prog BMW MSV80 Activation on a new computer

It’s free to active CGDI Prog BMW MSV80 Car Key Programmer (Bought before  November 2017) on a new computer and you can operate it by yourself, also you can provide the seller with the serial number for remote assistance.


  1. How to activate CGDI Prog BMW MSV80 programmer (bought before November 2017)?

If your CGDI Prog BMW MSV80 programmer was bought before November 2017, it needs activation when you receive it. Please follow the steps as below:

1). Download software from official website, there will be user manual too in the software catalogue.

CGDI Start displays “Device activation time remaining -1 days”, it means the device is not active.



Click “Active”



Copy the SN and provide it to the seller, and not close this dialog.


Enter the activation code from uobdii, click on “Active”.



CGDI Prog is activated , please wait until it succeed.


cgdi-prog-activation-06 cgdi-prog-activation-07


Restart CGDI Start, you can see it displays ” Device activation time remaining 90 days”, the activation succeed and CGDI Pro is working.



*Note: This device need activate every 3 months, when it’s invalid, please don’t worry,  just provide the seller with serial number again to activate for free.


  1. If your CGDI BMW was bought after November 2017, please directly download software from official website use. It will get invalid every 3 months too, when it requires activation, please pass us serial number for free.

Free Download CGDI BMW F series programming database engineer share a piece of free CGDI BMW F series programming database. engineer share a piece of free CGDI BMW F series programming database.

1.CGDI BMW: BMW F series programming database download:

After you complete download, the file is like this:


  1. Unzip it.


This folder contains these files shown as below.


  1. Right click the CGDI icon on the desktop, choose the option “Open the location of the folder”.



  1. Copy or cut the folder ” psdzdata” and paste it into the category. Now you are ready to use F series programming functions.



Please enjoy!

CGDI BMW F series programming feedback:

  1. Program F30 326 2013 FEM smart key…OK
  2. program F31 smart key FEM…OK


  1. CGDI PROG bmw f20 2014 mileage reset OK
  2. read ISN DME MSD80 OK 5WK93628
  3. the CAS Plug from BMW Multi Tool will work with CGDI, because CAS and OBD connector are BMW standard protocol.