VVDI Key Tool Can Not Work for CN Chip Solution

Confirmed! VVDI Key tool tested working fine with CN3 chip.

Confirmed! VVDI Key tool tested working fine with CN3 chip.

Story goes like this:

Q: Used vvdi key tool programmer clone 2013 VW UP perfectly today. Where does the keytool take its tokens from? Does it use bonus points to clone ID48?

A: No you need buy tokens for cloning, however I believe up until Chinese New Year it is free to use copy48 (where tool has authorization for this function)


Q: Anywhere have stock for VVDI ID46 clone transponders?

A: For id46 can use CN3


Q: CN3 no longer works for me after recent updates, is this true for other people?

A: Bad quality CN3

good quality work perfect

(http://www.uobdii.com/wholesale/cn3-id46-cloner-chip-used-for-cn900-or-nd900-device-5pcs-per-lot.html )

for original xhorse 46 chips ask here



Image 1: good quality CN3 chip



Image 2: original Xhorse 46 chip



Finally, I have just tested now and it work fine with CN3 chip.

vvdi-key-tool-works-fine-with-cn3-chip-03 vvdi-key-tool-works-fine-with-cn3-chip-04 vvdi-key-tool-works-fine-with-cn3-chip-05

VVDI Key Tool 3.0.0 EU ME NA etc all works

vvdi key tool 3.0.0 is tested 100% works on all versions incl. EU version, ME version, NA version, etc.

vvdi key tool 3.0.0 is tested 100% works on all versions incl. EU version, ME version, NA version, etc.

Attach one image of vvdi key tool 3.0.0 EU version

3.0.0 Xhorse Update Kit free download



Connect VVDI Key tool with the computer, click on find device, then “Upgrade”.


What’s new in this version? Take vvdi key tool 3.0.0 EU version for example:

Remote Generator

Add European cars

Support English Spanish French Turkish


1.Remote generating

More than 600 FCC ID types.



2.Transponder Cloning

Support offline cloning

11 12 13 36 42 46 4C 4D 8C

Online +Token (46 48 4D)



3.Garage Remote generating

More than 100 types.



4.Frequency & power tester.

Frequency test of 27 – 900 MHz

Power test 300 – 450MHz



5.Transponder Editing

Read & write most common transponder available in the market 36, 46, 47, 60, 70.



6.Unlock OEM Remote

NXP keyless & Prox Remotes.



7.Remote Cloning

Rolling code & fixed code.



8.Transponder Generating

Support TP transponder & parts of special transponder.


How to Use VVDI Key Tool Program Remote for Mazda 323 Protege

Here keycuttingmachine want to share the guide on how to use VVDI Key Tool programmer to generate and program remote key for Mazda 323 Protege.Hope it helps!

VVDI Key Tool Generate & Program Remote for Mazda 323 Protege (1)

Transponder chip:8C

VVDI Key Tool Generate & Program Remote for Mazda 323 Protege (2)


Enter the VVDI Key Tool menu to select “Search by key”à1292 40601 Australia 2BT

VVDI Key Tool Generate & Program Remote for Mazda 323 Protege (3)

Connect remote module to VVDI cable

VVDI Key Tool Generate & Program Remote for Mazda 323 Protege (4)

Press[Gen] to make remote

VVDI Key Tool Generate & Program Remote for Mazda 323 Protege (5)

Burn successful

VVDI Key Tool Generate & Program Remote for Mazda 323 Protege (6)

Fill battery then install to remote shell

VVDI Key Tool Generate & Program Remote for Mazda 323 Protege (7)

Program remote by manual

1.Open driver side door

2.Turn the ignition on and off 3 time

VVDI Key Tool Generate & Program Remote for Mazda 323 Protege (8)

3.Close and Open driver door 3 times (door cycle 1 time)

4.Press unlock button 2 times (door cycle 1 time)

VVDI Key Tool Generate & Program Remote for Mazda 323 Protege (8)

5.Close driver door (door cycle 2 times)

Done! Now,test the remote.

How to add keys to Ford Fiesta 4D83 80bit with VVDI Key Tool

VVDI Key tool and Ford Fiesta 4D83 80bit: Confirmed to copy keys!

Here you go.

Car: Ford Fiesta 2014

Chip: 4D83 80bit


Test: VVDI Keytool on Ford 83

Confirmed! VVDI key tool can copy Ford 83 chips:

First, put the original car key into the left coil of VVDI Keytool..start to read Ford 83 transponder data

Then, keep network available and press “calculate” to submit calculating data

The last, put VVDI special 4D transponder into the left coil of the Keytool… press “write” to complete cloning


VERY Important:

Ford 4D 63 40bits: no need to copy chips online

Ford 4D 83 80bits: MUST calculate chip data online


Result: VVDI Key Tool Programmer on Ford 83 – SUCCESS!

How to bind VVDI MB with VVDI key tool to exchange BGA token?

There are 2 ways to get VVDI MB BGA tokens: one is to use XHORSE VVDI BE Key Pro, it is free with 200 points(equal 1 BGA Token); another one is to bind VVDI MB with VVDI key tool to exchange BGA token.


How to bind VVDI MB with VVDI key tool to exchange BGA token:

  1. Connect vvdi mb and vvdi key tool to computer and run ‘upgrade kit ‘ for binding vvdi mb to your account.



  1. Log in your account and link the vvdi mb to your account.

Therefore firstly, you have to register an account for vvdi key tool  (Skip to the last paragraph to read the registration procedure)



  1. Use the app of vvdi key tool for exchange tokens as you want.

Just click on “Bonus Point” then “Token”.

Besides, VVDI2 or VVDI key tool with Remote key can also collect bonus points in the same way.



Note: An account can be bound to multiple devices i.e VVDI2.

Can’t disband after that, can’t unbinding after binding


However, how to exchange BGA tokens if no VVDI key tool?

If you don’t have any of VVDI2 and VVDI Pro, the BGA tokens can’t be exchanged.


How to install and register vvdi key tool on IOS / Android APP?

IOS download


vvdi key tool APK download



  1. Download APP from Google store.


If your APP doesn’t’ t switch to ENG, change your phone language to ENG first






  1. 3. Write your mail and request activation code via email



  1. Paste code you received via mail


  1. Create password


  1. Login via mail and password

vvdi-key-tool-android-app-registration-05 xhorse-vvdi-key-tool-app-registration-06





How to copy ID48 96bit chip for FREE

What’s the best option of ID48 96 bit chip copy? Look here:


Option Xhorse VVDI2 VVDI Key Tool KEYDIY KD-X2
Image vvdi2-copy-48-96-bit vvdi-key-tool-copy-48-96-bit keydiy-copy-48-96-bit
ID48 96bit chip copy Confirmed! Confirmed! Confirmed!
Authorization 250.00 usd 250.00 usd Free
Tokens 16.50 usd/token 16.50 usd/token No need tokens


Authorization service & required:


Which car comes with ID48 96 bit transponder key?

2002-2017 VAG 48 transponder, Honda, Buick, Cadillac, Fiat, Volvo, Greatwall, Zhonghua, etc.


How to copy ID48 96 bit chip?


Option 1: KEYDIY KD-X2 copies transponder 48 96bit


Free authorization!!!

No need tokens!!!


Option 2: VVDI2 Xhorse copies ID48 96 bit chip

Supposed you have get ID48 96 bit chip cloning authorization with tokens:



go to Menu->Key Learn->Copy 48 transponder(96 bit, All car with ID48 transponder)

About copy 48 function on VVDI2:
(1). Authorize copy 48 function(96 bit) require buy license and a extra 48 emulator
(2). Every success calculate will cost 100 remote points
(3). Copy 48 function now support all the cars with ID48 transponder without OBDII, only add spare key.

(4). Copy 48 function no need OBDII connect

Option 3: Key Tool copies ID48 96 bit chip


First – you need licence on VVDI VV-04 9 copy 48 (96bit)
then you need combine
then you need APP from google

then you need wait till 1.04 because Xhorse said copy 48 is available from 1.04 not day or 2 before


Note: parts of 48 is supported by VVDI KEY TOOL offline directly decryption password. but when you do offline have to speed 40mins-1 hour, if this operation not finished you cannot take away the original key.
about 96bit copy48 support all online calculation support all car type with 48 transponder.


[Manual]: How to combine VVDI2 with Keytool for 48 96bit chip copy


1) Register Keytool apps on your Android devices and connect Keytool via Bluetooth

2) Connect VVDI2 to your PC and go to Transponder Programmer




4) Connect Keytool to your PC with a USB cable,VVDI2 still connected with a USB cable



5) Select BIND VVDI2 and Keytool and press BIND VVDI will display information to connect Keytool to a PC


6) Then read the information


7) you will be redirected to the login page, enter the same login information you entered when logging in to Keytool on android

combine-vvdi2-and-vvdi-key-tool-6 combine-vvdi2-and-vvdi-key-tool-7 combine-vvdi2-and-vvdi-key-tool-8


8) After logging in you will see the state of VVDI2 and Keytool

9) if you want to transfer points from Keytool to VVDI2 , press OK

10 ) Moved points


11) VVDI Key Tool for 48 96bit count will display the status of points from both devices


Xhorse key tool VS handy baby VS Keydiy KD-X2

Someone want to know what the different between KD-X2 and handy baby / xhorse key tool

  1. Generally speaking, KD-X2 looks very good, it is this very small display compared to other tools on the market.
  1. For now VVDI key toolis better to chip copy, kd-x2precode many remote. I use both now and i am weiting for update on kd soft.
  1. For the tokens……

vvdi key tool you need tokens for id48 96 bit cloning, tokens are $8 each , handy baby now use tokens for 96 bit as well which are alot dearer .

speaking to kd , they haven’t made the decision yet on tokens or how much tokens will be for 96 bit id48 .

keyline use no tokens but the gkm chips are £15 .

silca use no tokens and silca 48 currently around £12 for the id48 chip ( rumours of their about to go up in price )

both above clone in just a few minutes and token free .

xhorse vvdi key tool tokens are $8usd plus cost of chip

handy baby cheap chip but expensive token

at the end of the day its the speed to clone , the cost to clone and the chip price that will dictate the best tool , the token and chip prices may make silca and keyline competative as token free and very fast and reliable , time will tell.

the cost of the machine is not a factor , the cost of consumables ie tokens and chips is far more important , as a decent saving to produce the chip will soon negate the cost of the kit , once all consumable prices are known then it becomes easier to decide on best machine .

I have silca, keyline and handy baby options already , i have a kdx-2 on way to test for a uk distributor , soon id48 will be just another key to clone . with silca about to release ford 80 bit cloning im sure the rest will have it too in no time .




src: https://www.uobdii.com/wholesale/keydiy-kd-x2-remote-maker.html


Handy Baby

handy baby

src: https://www.uobdii.com/wholesale/cbay-hand-held-auto-key-programmer.html


VVDI key tool


src: https://www.uobdii.com/wholesale/xhorse-vvdi-key-tool.html

VVDI Keytool user can buy Clone 48 96bit since 1.04.2018

VVDI Keytool 96 bit ID48 cloning system global released!
VVDI Key tool user can buy a Clone 48 96bit since 1.04.2018
1500 free points for calculations , this same as VVDI2


since 1.04.2018 all users who have 48 96 bit activations in VVDI2 can combinate Keytool + VVDI2 and use Keytool to clone 48 as well.


Cloning needs:

Ordinary ID48 chip without OBDII

Activation Free $250 (Additional gift 1500 bonus points. Cloning costs 100 bonus points each time


  • Bonus points can be accumulated by using VVDI Remote
  • You can buy Calculation tokens as well, price for token is $8.



Be free to contact email at: Sales@UOBDII.com

VVDI KEY TOOL APP update: IOS 1.2.0 & Android 1.2.1

Xhorse official news! VVDI KEY TOOL APP (IOS & Android) is tested working fine and release! And no matter what version of VVDI key tool (US version, EU version, ME version, English version, etc.)

Read the follow parts for newest version update, FAQ, install & register APP.

VVDI KEY TOOL APP latest version update
(IOS version 1.2.0 Android version 1.2.1)
IOS update
APP available only after update
1.add query bonus points function;
2.prepare remote add feedback function;
3.optimized interface.

Android update
Android system 8.0 version might be with problem when updating, if update failed please search VVDI or KEY TOOL to download the latest APP version at google play.
1.add query bonus points function;
2.prepare remote add feedback function;
3.optimized interface.
4.fix 96bit copy 48 online calculation problem
5.fix other bugs

Notes: please use the latest software version.
IOS please download from APP store search ‘VVDI’ or ‘KEYTOOL’

Android download from google play search ‘VVDI’




Q: How can we pair it with KeyTool? My phone didn’t find it via Bluetooth.

A: Doesn’t connect directly like that with Bluetooth, you have to open the app and in the settings select your device to pair
I presume you also checked in the key tool settings that the bluetooth function is turned on, i think default it is off.

Also need open and gps location on android.


Q: android phone,gps is on,everything is on… includind my nerves blinking like a christmas tree but pair can not be made,phone see keytool but when i try to connect connects for a second and then disconects….

A: Do not try to pair the phone in the phones settings… run the app first then the app has a pair option – use that.


How to install and register Xhorse Key tool Android APP?

Step 1: Download app from Google store



If your APP doesn’t switch to ENG, change your phone language to ENG first.






Step 3: write your email and request activation code via email


Step 4:  Paste code you received via mail

Step 5 – create password

Step 6 – Login via mail and password





Pleas enjoy