Xhorse Condor XC002, Condor XC-MINI & XC007, which cuter machine recommend?

Here Xhorse Condor cuter machine comparison table which lists the similarities and differences among Condor XC002, Condor XC-MINI and Condor XC007.

With the newly released Xhorse Condor XC002 Mechanical Key Cutting Machine, Xhorse users ask how to choose best Xhorse cuter machines among Condor XC002, Condor XC-MINI and condor XC007? Which one is better? What are the similarities and differences? Here a Condor XC002, Condor XC-MINI & XC007 comparison table.


Xhorse Condor cutting machines Condor XC002 Condor XC-MINI Condor XC 007
Quality Made by Xhorse Made by Xhorse Made by Xhorse
Automatically/ Mechanically Mechanically/Manually  Automatically Automatically
Lost key  Not support Support Support
Touch screen  No screen 7″ Capacitive Large screen
Cut car key Yes Yes Yes
Cut house key  Can cut a small part of house key No No
Internal software NO Yes Yes
Language It is mechanical, no specific language Portuguese/Spanish/French/Germany/



English/Chinese (English is the default language, after receive the machiche, send SN to seller for reset other language)

English, Chinese
Stand-alone Yes, no need connect to computer Yes, no need connect to computer Yes, no need connect to computer
Input Voltage 220VAC 90V–264VAC AC110V/220V
Input Frequency 50Hz 47~63Hz 47~63Hz
Consume 200W 200W 220W
Packing Dimensions L595*W550*H375mm L450*W450*H350mm L460*W 520*H 620mm
Machine Dimensions L298*W445*H525mm L265*W362*H301mm L336*W 407*H490mm
Display 1024*600 800*480
Spindle Speeds 8000-10000rpm 9000rpm 12,000 rpm
Working Temperature 0~50℃ 0~50℃ 0~50℃
Humidity 10~90% 10~90% 10~90%
Net Weight 23Kg 18Kg 31Kg
Gross Weight 28Kg 22.9Kg 35Kg
Price $779 + shipping cost $2,799 free shipping $2,970 free shipping
Warranty 3 years 3 years 3 years

In conclusion

  1. Condor XC007 Master, the first automaticallykey cuter machine from Xhorse Company, is bigger than xc 007 mini. It is not good if you want working on the van, xc007 mini is good if you want use this on the mobile locksmith on the van, both machines can cut the same tape of key.

Condor XC002 [/size] manual key cutting machine works mechanically.


  1. Input Voltage:

Condor XC002 input voltage: 220VAC;

XC-MINI input voltage: 90V–264VAC;

Condor XC 007 input voltage: 110V/220VAC


  1. Weight: condor xc-007 master series > condor xc-002 > mini condor (lightest)


  1. Warranty: all Xhorse Condor cutting machinesare 3 years warranty


  1. Cut car key / house key: Condor XC002can cut car keys as well as a small part of house keys; Condor XC007 Master and xc 007 mini can only cut car keys.


  1. Language:  Condor XC-MINIis Multilanguage

How I use Condor XC-007 to cut a new Fiat GT15R Key?

I have owned a Condor XC-007 for months. Good tool without doubt. Yesterday a customer came to me with a broken Fiat GT15R key. I successfully used XC-007…

I have owned a Condor XC-007 for months. Good tool without doubt. Yesterday a customer came to me with a broken Fiat GT15R key. I successfully used XC-007 to cut a new one for him, so share with you how to cut Fiat GT15R Key.



First, I pressed “Key Database” button on the main menu. Then I chose “Fiat” at “Select Car Maker” menu and pressed the “Operation” button.



Second, I input key code and press “Operation” button. Next I chose “GT15R” at “Compatible Key” menu.

Condor-XC-007-cut-Fiat-key-4 Condor-XC-007-cut-Fiat-key-5

Third, this machine showed me picture of Fiat GT15R key blade, same as the broken key. Next I put a new key blade on the clamp and tightened the locking knob.

Condor-XC-007-cut-Fiat-key-6 Condor-XC-007-cut-Fiat-key-7

Finally, I pressed the “Operation” button to start cutting. After cutting finished, the new key had same blade shape as the original one and it worked.

Condor-XC-007-cut-Fiat-key-8 Condor-XC-007-cut-Fiat-key-9


Xhorse Condor XC-007 key cutting new feedback

Two years ago, I opened a shop specializing in cutting key for car owners, at that time, I have no much budget to spend on most expensive car key cutting machines…

Two years ago, I opened a shop specializing in cutting key for car owners, at that time, I have no much budget to spend on most expensive car key cutting machines, as known from my friends’ experience and others reviews in the forum, the best cutting machine is WEBSTAR, 994, A5 A7…, and the noble ones are WEBSTAR and 994, both of the two machines have a long history and work very stably, but it was early about $16666USD and it is now about $6666USD – $8333USD, so expensive that most peers prohibitive and can’t afford to them, except the big companies and 4S store with much budget. Besides, to replace the fittings is also very expensive,it will cost several hundreds of money to upgrade a fixture and dozens of money to replace guide pin or cutter. What about the Korean machine, it is less expensive about $1666USD to $5000USD; it is small and easy to take, but its accuracy deviation will significantly increase after cutting a large number of keys, plus it has no database for most cars.

Then I have to turn to the cheaper and workable machines, then I knew www.obd365.com by chance and their engineers introduced me Xhorse iKeycutter Condor XC-007 master series key cutting machine, so far I use it for about 6 months, generally speaking it can satisfy my needs, I think the quality is proportional to the price, I hope more and more key cutting machines like Condor 007 are produced and its price will drop down.


One more reason that make me more emotional to UOBD2  is their great passion, hard working and many times trial. Their engineer told me, they did a lot of work and many times’ trial before IKEYCUTTER starts to sell,at the beginning, the work is tough with many troubles, the hardware and the software is developed by themselves, within one month when they test, they designed and replaced 3 circuit boards, 2 fixtures, also once they found software errors and they will solve them quickly. Only they devote great passion and hard work can our customers use the good machine, I like the way they make light of the difficulties.


iKeycutter Condor vs. Italian vs. Clone key cutting machine

Which key cutting machine is the best, the expensive one is good and the cheap one is not working? It is hard to tell, each tool has their pros and cons, which one is best, it depends on your…

Which key cutting machine is the best, the expensive one is good and the cheap one is not working? It is hard to tell, each tool has their pros and cons, which one is best, it depends on your needs and budget, in the following table, and I do comparative analysis on three cutting machines from several aspects.
Xhorse iKeycutter Condor XC-MINI/XC-007 VS. Italy cutting machine VS. Clone cutting machine
Comparison Points Condor key cutting Italy cutting machine Clone key machine
Machine structure Poured by total aluminum Poured by total aluminum Made of plate, easy to deform
Transmission Able to drive three-axle, apply ?TBI Ball Screws made in Taiwan Able to drive X- axle and Y-axle, apply Ball Screws Able to drive three- axle, the belt drive the parts to move.
Main axle motor great strength,
brushless motor
great strength Less strength, apply carbon brush motor
Fixture Available to replace fixture, with 2 set standard configuration: inner groove and outer ?groove, a set of Ford fixture for option Can replace fixture, 5 set of fixture Some ones is not able to change fixture, and neither can’t update, support more kinds of fixture.
Requirement to cutting tool Has no requirement to cutting tool With special cutting tool Most cutting tool can be used
Probe, milling cutter dual set With Probe, milling cutter dual set With Probe, milling cutter dual set Most are not dual set, it needs to replace when study and produce, it costs too much time
Key data base Available with key database, can update online Available with key database, can update online No available with key database, only with coding database of lock blank
After-sales service With special technical support, support remote assistance With Original Factory service If it is hardware problem, the user has to send back to the seller, if it is software problem, the seller can’t support solutions

IKEYCUTTER CONDOR XC-007 AUTO KEY CUTTER Master Series Key Cutting Machine

Xhorse Tech makes good tools and is known for the key cutting machine. IKEYCUTTER CONDOR XC-007 Master Series (English version) is a powerful key cutting machine comes with the most advanced software and precised mechanism, easy to operate.
1. Latest Version: V2.2.9
2. Power-On Password: 123456
iKeycutter Condor XC-007 Features
1. Touch-up screen

All features of the XC-007 Key cutting are covered with the use of touch-up screen or keys that are situated convenienty on the side of the screen(you can use them during some heavy works, if you do not want to scratch or smudge screen)

Now software version has updated to V2.2.9, during the update pls do not disconnect the power, if update failure, can retry
2. Internal software
Software shows key cuts on the touch-up LCD screen, allows to calculate cuts when we need it(in case of broken keys,etc.) Software is fully upgradable through pc of internet.
3. High accurancy
Tracer and cutter are mounted on the same tower to increasing the machine accurancy and lower the possiblity of any malfunction during process of reading or cutting. Calibration of cutter and tracer is very easy and takes just a few moments.
4. Simple in use
Universal clamp allows you to mount keys in easy and certain way, so your work can be done in a way you want.
5. Change Cutter Easily.
When you need new cutter, simply press, wait for a click, turn knob and then you can take out an old cutter and put a new one into the machine and keep working. No need any special tools and a long break in your working time.
6. Specially designed tray
Located on the side of the machine, the specially designed tray allows you to keep your cutters and tracers in one place and just in your reach. So you can pick they up easily.
7. LED illumination

Dring process or designing and producing, our main focus was lower power requirement and low weight of the machine. So we used an LED illumination to achieve our goals.

8. All connectors that are used by XC-007 are conveniently located on the back of the machine, so they are protected  from swarf during use.

CONDOR XC-007 key cutting machine Support Vehicle  List:

Acura, AlfaRomeo, Audi, BMW, Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Citroen, Daihatsu, Dodge, Ducati, Ferrari, Fiat, Ford, GCC, GMC, GreatWall, Holden, Honda, Hummer, Hyundai, Infiniti, Iveco, Jaguar, Jeep, Kia, Lancia, LandRover, LDV, Lexus, Lincoln, MAN, Mazda, Mercedes, Mercury, Mini, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Opel, Peugeot, Piaggio, Porsche, Proton, Renault, Rover, Saab, Scania, Seat, Skoda, Ssangyong, Subaru, Suzuki, Toyota, Vauxhall, Volkswagen, Volvo
Condor XC 007 Pictures:
CONDOR_XC-007_master_series_automatic_key_cutting_machine_display-1 CONDOR_XC-007_master_series_automatic_key_cutting_machine_display-3 Condor-xc-mini-cut-ford-key-9 ikeycutter-condor-xc-007-master-series-key-cutting-machine-display-1 ikeycutter-condor-xc-007-master-series-key-cutting-machine-display-2 ikeycutter-condor-xc-007-master-series-key-cutting-machine-display-4 ikeycutter-condor-xc-007-master-series-key-cutting-machine-display-5


How to replace Condor XC-007 mainboard(motherboard)

Step 1: Screw the head cover off the Condor XC-007.Note:Unplug the Flexible Circuit Board (FCB) and two button cables at the back of the head cover, Look out the front buckle during this procedure.

Step 1: Screw the head cover off the Condor XC-007.


Unplug the Flexible Circuit Board (FCB) and two button cables at the back of the head cover, Look out the front buckle during this procedure.

How to replace Condor xc-007 Mainboard(Motherboard)1

Step 2: Screw the back cover off the Ikeycutter Condor XC-007.

How to replace Condor xc-007 Mainboard(Motherboard)

3.Screw the main board and the lock carrier off the machine, and thenpull them out. 

Note: There are many cables on the main board, before they are dismantled, it is recommended to take pictures after the main board pull out.



How to online update and how to use customize key tool?

Original Xhorse iKeycutter Condor XC-007 series master key cutting machine new update software 2.3.3 and define key tool software & quick guide start download link:



Notes: define key tool only support new version update to 2.3.3 first.
find bugs/not work well let me know.

1.online update

Step1: Connect Condor 007 machine to your PC,turn on the machine.

Step2: After Install “driver file”,open the update software.


(1).Select preferred language by yourself,Then click on”Update”.


(2).Select update version,click on”Update Online”wait until display Update Success,wait for a while(30 seconds),Restart machine.


2.customize key

Step1: Ensure machine version is 2.3.3Beta(cannot support old version,such as 2.2.9–2.3.2Beta).if not please update first.

Step2: Open software,Setting language.( Sample:2015 TOYOTA COROLLA)


(1)Select Brand as the car type list.


(2) Click on”Add Key”,then select key type,Then enter all key data(step1 to step 6 do all steps one by one)as the software show you


3.Save this key,you can preview the key image.

a.Connect Condor Mini machine to PC

b.Click on”Synchronize”,after synchronize success user find this customize key in”Key Copy”&

”Cut By Code”.


Notes:user can import/export the customize key as”.u”file,and” Synchronize”,then cutting keys.


Customer question:

Q: Is this machine still made? Always seems to be out of stock these days.

A:Yes,currently only Condor XC-MINI key cutting machine on supply,Condor XC-007 have stopped production.XC-MINI also include XC-007 functions,faster and lighter.
any problem let me know.


How to Update CONDOR XC007 Key Cutting Machine?

Update CONDOR XC007 1

  1. Unzip the file and then you will get a user manual, a driver, a video and a picture of supported car list. There are two drivers that need to be installed so as to update CONDOR XC007 master.

Update CONDOR XC007 2

  1. Connect XC007 key cutter to your laptop and install the drivers.


Step 1. Unzip the driver file.

Step 2. Click “Next” in the “Found New Hardware Wizard”.

Step 3. Choose “include this location in the search” and click “Next”. The driver will be installed automatically. Click “Finish”.

Step 4. Choose “Install from a list or specific location (Advance)”, and click “Next”. After that, the first driver “USB Serial port” will be installed successfully. The second driver “USB Serial converter” will come up automatically.

Step 5. Choose “Install from a list or specific location (Advance)”, click “Next”. By far, both of two drivers are installed.

Update CONDOR XC007 3


  1. Update the key cutting machine


Step 1. Open “CONDOR Automatic Key Cutting Machine Online Update Tool V1.3.4”.

Step 2. Click “Update Online”. If your network is not well enough to complete the updating, you can click the drop-down list to upgrade your tool. The upgrade procedure will take about 1.5 hours, so please make sure your laptop has enough power to get the job done.