How to replace Condor XC-007 mainboard(motherboard)

Step 1: Screw the head cover off the Condor XC-007.Note:Unplug the Flexible Circuit Board (FCB) and two button cables at the back of the head cover, Look out the front buckle during this procedure.

Step 1: Screw the head cover off the Condor XC-007.


Unplug the Flexible Circuit Board (FCB) and two button cables at the back of the head cover, Look out the front buckle during this procedure.

How to replace Condor xc-007 Mainboard(Motherboard)1

Step 2: Screw the back cover off the Ikeycutter Condor XC-007.

How to replace Condor xc-007 Mainboard(Motherboard)

3.Screw the main board and the lock carrier off the machine, and thenpull them out. 

Note: There are many cables on the main board, before they are dismantled, it is recommended to take pictures after the main board pull out.