How BMW Multi Tool program new key for BMW X1 all key lost?

This blog will show you in details how BMW Multi Tool program new key for BMW X1 all key lost. BMW Multi Tool can make BMW new key with the original or when all key lost.

This blog will show you in details how BMW Multi Tool program new key for BMW X1 all key lost. BMW Multi Tool can make BMW new key with the original or when all key lost.

First, for all key lost you need a tool to open car door. After that you connect BMW Multi Tool with the car via OBD port.

BMW-multi-tool-key-programmer-1Next, run software. (Now the newest software is BMW Multi Tool V7.7) On main menu choose Protocol Type as “Auto Detect” then click “Connect”.


After connected, it will show you vehicle information like BMW Number, VIN and Production Date… Click “Key Learn”, choose “Get Key Information” then choose “Add Key” option when a message pops up. Click “Next” and you will see Key Cutting Code, CAS remote frequency and current key in switch.

Now it will remind you to take out any smart key form car. Then it will read out key information. Click “OK” and “Save key information”.


Then click “Prepare dealer key with programmer”, choose the key you want to add then click “Prepare dealer key with programmer” again. Then follow the tip, put the new key into coil of BMW Multi Tool.

BMW-Multi-Tool-bmw-x1-all-key-lost-4It will ask the new key is smart key or not, choose “NO”. And the dealer key program success soon that means BMW Multi Tool Key Programmer make a new key for BMW X1 successfully!

Something you should know when use BMW multi tool

There are two type of BMW immobilizer: EWS and CAS, such as EWS,CAS1_CAS3+.CAS4(CAS4+), according to my personal experience, AK90 is best to make EWS key, it is reliable…

There are two type of BMW immobilizer: EWS and CAS, such as EWS,CAS1_CAS3+.CAS4(CAS4+), according to my personal experience, AK90 is best to make EWS key, it is reliable and easy-to-use, BMW multi tool make key for CAS1-CAS4, and to make key for BMW CAS4, the best tool is CKM100 and CKM200. In the following parts, I mainly talk about BMW Multi tool.

It is very easy to use BMW Multi tool to make key for CAS1-CAS4, it no need to remove chip. It only spends several minutes no matter what to add key replacement or program key when all key lost.

Firstly, connect bmw cas key programmer to the car.


Secondly, open the software.


Thirdly, select “connect ” , it will automatically connect with the vehicle, for some vehicle models, you need to try several times, like BMW 7 series, after successfully connection, it will display as the following picture shows.


There are two points need to pay attention to:

1, record the BMW Number, when some CAS3+ is interrupted during degradation, just input this number to reset degradation without need to remove CAS to reset the data.


2, read eeprom data.

Generally speaking, it does no need to read out or save data from OBD, because some CAS of 7 series tend to change the data in the first line and the last line.


3, Key learn

Key learn windows as follows:


1)Choose CAS or EWS type. It will tips you:


2) Load the choose EEPROM file you will get the make dealer key window:


3).Choose key position and press “Make Dealer Key” button. Flow the given tips to prepare dealer key. After succeed you can save the new EEPROM dump file.

For EWS1, EWS2, EWS3, EWS4, CAS1, CAS2, CAS3 type the prepared dealer key can start the engine directly.

For some CA3+ type you need to write back the new dump file into car.(Don’t write EEPROM dump back to car for ISTAP45/46/47 version).


4). CAS3 encrypt type, only can prepare dealer key with a working key data.

5). How to prepare CAS4 dealer key:

a.Read CAS4 EEPROM dump with other BDM programmer.

b.Connect CAS4 antenna (need pay extra) to BMW Multi Tool. Support 12V extra power to CAS4 antenna.

c.Run software and choose “File Make Key”->CAS4, load CAS4 EEPROM dump according to your car type. It shows you all the key info. Choose position where you want to place the key, put a new CAS4 key into CAS4 antenna. Press OK to continue

d.Prepare dealer key for CAS4 needs about 2 minutes. The windows maybe false dead. Just wait for it complete.

e.After you get the dealer key. It doesn’t need write back the EEPROM dump, just insert the key to car ignition.

f. Warning: You must choose the right type to load EEPROM dump. The dealer key maybe not start engine if the car isn’t belong to our support type. Our support type now: Series 1 F20 (2011-), Series 5 F10/F11 (2010-), Series 5 GT F07(2010-), Series 6 F12/F13 (2011-), Series 7 F0x (2008-), Series X1 (2010-), Series X3 F25 (2011-), XEP100 MCU(5M48H mask) etc.



How BMW multi tool make key for BMW EWS

If you think BMW multi tool can only make key for BMW CAS immobilizer system, you are out of date. BMW multi tool can also make key for BMW EWS. Then how to do?

If you think BMW multi tool can only make key for BMW CAS immobilizer system, you are out of date. BMW multi tool can also make key for BMW EWS. Then how to do? The answer is to spend about 90USD to buy one additional CAS Plug for BMW Multi Tool, it is easy to use, no need to remove any part, but just connect it to the OBDII port of BMW multi tool, then it can make key for EWS, EWS 2, 7 Series CAS1/CAS2 plug and CAS3/CAS3+ plug; besides, by using CAS Plug, you can connect CAN LINE manually, support 12V.


Then how to connect CAS PLUG with EWS, 7 Series CAS1/CAS2 and CAS 3/CAS3+?


Firstly, let us know how CAS PLUG looks like, please look at the following picture and word explanation:
1. Connect to device OBDII
2. Supply 12V voltage
3. EWS OBD line
4. EWS OBD line 2
5. 7 Series CAS1/CAS2 plug
6. CAS3/CAS3+ plug

How to Connect EWS with CAS Plug:

How to Connect 7 Series CAS1/CAS2 with CAS Plug:

How to Connect CAS 3/CAS3+ with CAS Plug:


Run into a CAS3+ with BMW Multi tool V7.0, downgrade CAS or not?

I have done a few 2006- 2008 BMW 328’s with the BMW multitool v4.9, I tried to do a 2010 328i today and it failed at the security access. I have now updated to v7.7 and…

I have done a few 2006- 2008 BMW 328’s with the BMW multitool v4.9, I tried to do a 2010 328i today and it failed at the security access. I have now updated to v7.7 and the hardware is now at 1.0.6. 2010 328i is CAS3+.

A poster in the forum explained with me: whether the car has been into the dealer recently or not, all BMW’s that go into the dealer are having the CAS unit updated to stop the recent theft issues, that’s why your BMW multitool v 7.7 is failing at the security access, if it’s been in to the dealer then it’s not possible to make a key obd, unless you downgrade the CAS unit.

Because multitool for BMW user manual is not clearly, then I haven’t idea on how to go on next step, at that time, I got a complete answer from a very experienced technician, he said:


Add key OBD:

CAS3+ encrypt version -> no need to update CAS (no need for key cycling)

CAS ISTAP4x version -> need to update CAS (no need for key cycling)

Lost key OBD:

CAS3+ encrypt version -> no need to update CAS (need to cycle key UPTO 16 times)

CAS ISTAP4x version -> need to update CAS (need to cycle key UPTO 64 times)

 Add key dump method (lost or working key):

CAS3+ encrypt version -> need to write back to CAS (needs either -working key / known ISN / ECU dump / or cycle UPTO 16 times)

CAS ISTAP4x version -> no need to write back to CAS (needs either -working key / known ISN / ECU dump / or cycle UPTO 64 times)

So the 64 cycle is really to save you having to downgrade the CAS but you still need to manually read the CAS for this option. For me this is still the best way as theres no way I would downgrade the CAS (unless you made it very clear what this meant to the client)


CAS3+ all key lost, add new key with BMW multi tool

Today when I made a new key for a BMW X1 2004 which lost all key, encountered a problem that I have never dealt with before, to know the details, please go on reading the following parts.

Today when I made a new key for a BMW X1 2004 which lost all key, encountered a problem that I have never dealt with before, to know the details, please go on reading the following parts.
As we all know, to use BMW multi tool V7.7 to add key for some old CAS3. There are two situations:

1) owner has original key, locksmith needs not remove CAS, but directly read data.

2) owner lost all keys, locksmith needs to remove CAS to read data and import BMW multi tool, then pull and insert for 16 times.

Is the actual operation is exactly as the same as the theory?
Before I left for the BMW X1 owner garage, I thought it should be CAS3 or CAS3+, then I took a HU92 2 in 1 pick, BMW multi tool V7.3 and the tool for removing CAS, considering if it is CAS3+, I had to firstly remove CAS.

After I arrived at the owner’s garage, I quickly use HU92 2 in 1 pick to open the door, then without touching any button inside the car I directly connect BMW multi tool to the computer and the BMW X1, then to test whether it is CAS3+, next is to add the key according to the general way (the way to add spare key for CAS3 is as the same as that of add new key when all key lost), the whole procedure went fluently, it only took several minutes to generate dealer key and successfully start the car. Then the owner want me add one more key and match automatic key. Therefore, I asked the owner drive to my workshop.

After arrived at my workshop, I used IKEYCUTTER Condor XC-007 to cut key and asked the learner to add key, he took out the key I added and used the same way to add another one. However, he couldn’t match it. Then I found BMW multi tool kept prompting “Found no car key”, I had to remove CAS and backup data, then pull and insert for 16 times. I felt confused how it became to be CAS3+ from CAS and need to remove CAS?

Then I consult factory for solution:
They answered me: some people had the same problem with me, this CAS type is CAS3+, it is possible that after the car owner lost all key, he did nothing on his car, the car always hadn’t check whether the key exist or not after key lost, (in contract if anyone used to press the start button, and the car again check whether the key exist or not, then our locksmith won’t directly add key without removing the CAS), inside the CAS it stored the last information of start. Therefore, when all key lost, I can still program a new key by using the same way of adding spare key. But the next time we make another one spare key, we had to remove the CAS.

If BMW all key lost, firstly do not press any button in the car after open the door, firstly try not remove the CAS, but to directly program new key directly via OBD, maybe it will save you much time and energy.


BMW Multi Tool key programmer – best for cas3+ CAS4 with all key lost

Which key programmer is best for cas3+ CAS4 with all key lost?


Recently, many people are puzzled that BMW CAS3+ with all keys lost but even the best original AVDI can’t make key for it. Then they doubt which one can surpass it?

Take a case for example, one people complained that “I have tried over 10 times to do all keys lost on cas 3+ ista version 45 (versions before this will work all obd), every one has failed, also, new on line software also failed me every time.I have wasted lots of time trying to do these without success, so now, if avdi says ‘this is ista 45’ then I walk away.Always ask customer if car has been into BMW dealers in last 2 years, if ‘yes’ then dont bother as they upgrade without you asking.”

Which BMW key programmer is best for cas3+ with all key lost?

You will need cas and ecu dump to make key.

Good tool for cas3+ are: BMW Multi Tool/tm100/tango/ ckm100/vvdi2

FYI, one real senior locksmith experience with BMW Multi Tool:

Note: The following parts only share the experience with BMW Multi Tool.

Since there are more people trust BMW Multi Tool and give much good comment, I collect one real user’s real experience for your reference.

Let’s read his experience as follows:

Answer to the first paragraph’s question: Donno about AVDI, but its an easy job with BMW Multi Tool and i can confirm i ve done many with Istap 45. Not by OBD all of it and not eeprom JOB, i use multi tool to downgrade the CAS on table by CAS plug and 12V, then i make key, downgrade process takes 30 min, making key takes 1 minutes the whole job is 31 min without opening the CAS.

I can do CAS4 all key lost as well with Multi tool, but u need the help of a DME, 10000% Success, job done on table, ADD key by OBD. I m using Dialprog, done 1 all key lost and 3 add key , not a lot of testing but so far so good.

Questions and answers:

To help more people know more details, I list some frequently-asked questions and followed by my real operation procedure/experiences.


Does the BMW Multi Tool make a save/backup of the CAS data before downgrading? I’m just wondering what happens if something goes wrong within that 30 min downgrade process?

Answer: Multi tool gives u note message before downgrading to use a programmer and save data (i always skip that message cz in case anything goes wrong i can reflash the cas) i can’t say how many BMW i’ve downgraded and NONE at all had a single problem, 100% safe. I never cared if the flashing process on the Multi Tool works or no or if it kills the cas since i have a backup the BMW Explorer. but i always choose the Multi Tool since its faster in downgrading cas.

BTW, I have BMW Explorer full kit cost about 10K. in 1 word. THE BEST for bmw

PS: u dont need manual. its very easy to use , even a kid can use it.

Question: so we downgrade using Mult-Tool – any extra cables/connectors required ?

Answer: no special cables needed except the CAS PLUG and 12v


Question: Do you do key programming by CAS plug or do you put it back in the car first?

Answer: u can do it by CAS plug, but i always plug it in car and and add it by OBD.

Question: Once you downgrade the cas to make the key is there anyway to then upgrade it back to version 45? I’m just thinking if you leave the car downgraded and it gets stolen a few weeks later you’ll have some explaining to do.

Answer: No you can’t unless they go back to dealer. Of course no downgrade is 100% safe. Obviously doing on table better tho. Haven’t we got a list of flashes on avdi which we can use to ensure safe(r). Here when a car is all key lost the customers doesn’t care if u make them only.  transponder, they just want their car running.

Question: anybody know who the original manufacturer of BMW Multi Tool is? All I can find is Chinese.

Answer: Xhorse Company. It’s not a clone of another tool. They authorize many dealers to sell BMW Multi Tool, Eg. the 8-years old site.

FYI, what BMW Multi Tool can’t do?

I’ve made many cas3+ all key lost with multi tool it worked.

the only one that didn’t make it was yesterday CAS3+ mask 0M23S which had a valid key , the software was 2015 its the latest cas3+.

I tried autohex didn’t make it, I tried to read it by R270 its not supported.

The only tool that succeeded in doing it was the BMW EXPLORER which took me about 2 hours downgrading the firmware which showed fail 2 times but succeeded on the third time.

photo 2(2)

photo 3(2)