Key Cutting Machine 2M2 Magic Tank Update Tips

Automatic Car Key Cutting Machine 2M2 Magic Tank Update Tips to follow:  App and machine will automatically updated if your version is old.

Notice: When updating starts, 2M2 Tank machine light will be off. It will finish in some seconds. but need a little patience that is ok. Don’t stop during the update going. That is update working. Please know about it Thanks everyone.

2m2-magic-tank-update-01 2m2-magic-tank-update-02


Question: I tried to update app yesterday but fail to update.

Answer: I don’t know what version your machine is. but easiest way to solve it. please delete your old app and then I give you a link to download and install it.  (about 69mb)

Copy this link to your browser, and download and install it.

Question: Mine updates half way then just sits there. Left it to update over night

Answer: only app updated, 2.2.3 machine is 2021012501, maybe network is slow.

Alright, any problem on the 2M2 Magic Tank machine update, please feel free contact at

2M2 Magic Tank Fo21 Cutting Report

Test report: 2M2 Magic Tank cut Fo21 perfectly and the tech support is always responding.


For the 2M2 Tank Fo21 cutting operation process, Please watch this video on:

There are 3 aspects that surprised me. I want to share with you.
1. On finish battery was low and not seen but machine I see have a safety to not destroy blade will not start to cut, after I plugged power supply was starting to cut.

I manage to not have battery because I not seen I not pug in charger.

so I only connect to power supply an than finish the job perfect.

Watch video: How to Replace Battery for 2M2 Tank?

2. Need to decode manually is simple.


3. I cut and is perfect match. All machines have bugs. But whit this is whit best support all time when I have a real problem support is answered, always is responding even when normally is not on work.

Alright,  there are not only one shop who are available with 2M2 Tank cutting machine, I always trust uobdii:

How to Use 2M2 Tank Magic Machine Cut NSN14 Key

This instruction show you guide on how to use 2M2 Tank Magic to cut NSN14 key.


2M2 Tank Magic Machine Cut NSN14 Key

Enter menu to select “Japan Korea”


Select “Nissan”


Select “NSN14.D00”


Follow the prompt massage to operate

How-to-Use-2M2-Tank-Magic-Machine-Cut-NSN14-Key-5 How-to-Use-2M2-Tank-Magic-Machine-Cut-NSN14-Key-6


Decode from working key


Put new blank key on the clamp



Wait for cutting proceed…


Test it on the lock,work well



How to Use 2M2 Tank Machine Cut New Key for HON58

Here is a instruction show you guide on how to use 2M2 key machine to cut new key for HON58 key.



Input “HON58″and select “HON58.D88”

How-to-Use-2M2-Tank-Machine-Cut-New-Key-for-HON58-2 How-to-Use-2M2-Tank-Machine-Cut-New-Key-for-HON58-3


Follow the instruction to put the original working key on the clamp,click “Confirm” to continue

How-to-Use-2M2-Tank-Machine-Cut-New-Key-for-HON58-4 How-to-Use-2M2-Tank-Machine-Cut-New-Key-for-HON58-5


2M2 key cutting machine will start decoding

How-to-Use-2M2-Tank-Machine-Cut-New-Key-for-HON58-6 How-to-Use-2M2-Tank-Machine-Cut-New-Key-for-HON58-7


Now put the new blank key on the clamp


Start cutting

How-to-Use-2M2-Tank-Machine-Cut-New-Key-for-HON58-9 How-to-Use-2M2-Tank-Machine-Cut-New-Key-for-HON58-10


Cutting finishing,remove it and test it on lock.


Hyundai KIA TOY40 All Key Lost Programming by 2M2 Tank Machine

Here is a instruction show you guide on how to use 2M2 Tank machine to cut new key for KIA TOY40 all key lost.




Run your mobile 2M2 application,and press the button at the lower right corner button


Select “L0670” and “KIA”,then press “OK”–>”TOY40″

Hyundai-KIA-TOY40-All-Key-Lost-Programming-by-2M2-Tank-Machine-3 Hyundai-KIA-TOY40-All-Key-Lost-Programming-by-2M2-Tank-Machine-4


Click to edit key

Hyundai-KIA-TOY40-All-Key-Lost-Programming-by-2M2-Tank-Machine-5 Hyundai-KIA-TOY40-All-Key-Lost-Programming-by-2M2-Tank-Machine-6 Hyundai-KIA-TOY40-All-Key-Lost-Programming-by-2M2-Tank-Machine-7


Put blank key on clamp and fix it.


Then click “Confirm” button to start cutting




Change the other side


Continue cutting

Hyundai-KIA-TOY40-All-Key-Lost-Programming-by-2M2-Tank-Machine-12 Hyundai-KIA-TOY40-All-Key-Lost-Programming-by-2M2-Tank-Machine-13


Both side cutting doe


Test it on the lock



How to use 2M2 Magic Tank “Search Code” as instacode?

Some users are wondering whether 2M2 Magic Tank contains built-in database like insta–code?


The answer is 2M2 has no instacode database, but have “Search Code” option which share as the same function as instacode.


Using tips:

  1. Search Code is uppercase letter
  2. Lock number must be correct.
  3. Connect the network.


There are 3 videos on how to use “Search Code” when all keys lost:


Hyundai HY22 all key lost done via 2M2


KIA TOY40 all key lost done via 2M2


Lexus TOY48 all key lost done via 2M2


2M2 Magic Tank tech support

2M2 Tank “Left side is not equal to right side” Trouble Solution

One 2M2 Magic Tank user feedback he has HON66 [No.25] to cut, but he has the confusion that : aafter calibrating the left side ,the right side is not equal (Left side=2.9mm, Right side =3.0mm).

2m2-magic-cut-hon66-01 2m2-magic-cut-hon66-02 2m2-magic-cut-hon66-03


2M2 chief engineer replied:

Please ignore the number of calibration, the position of cutter and tracer depend upon the number after calibration, so the number has a little tolerance that is normal. The most important is to put the blade 25# into the right position. that is okay.


Video on HON66 Key Cutting by 2M2 Tank Magic Key Machine:

2M2 Tank Machine tech support:

2M2 Tank Key Cutting for Hyundai HY22 All Key Lost

This instruction show you guide on how to use 2M2 Magic Tank Machine to cut key for Hyundai HY22 all key lost programming.



Build your mobile phone to 2M2 key machine then run APP on your phone.

2M2-Tank-Key-Cutting-for-Hyundai-HY22-All-Key-Lost-2 2M2-Tank-Key-Cutting-for-Hyundai-HY22-All-Key-Lost-3


Input code:J1907 and select vehicle brand:Hyundai

2M2-Tank-Key-Cutting-for-Hyundai-HY22-All-Key-Lost-4 2M2-Tank-Key-Cutting-for-Hyundai-HY22-All-Key-Lost-5 2M2-Tank-Key-Cutting-for-Hyundai-HY22-All-Key-Lost-6


Back to menu to select “Janpan Korea”


Select “Hyundai”



Select “HY22”


Now put blank key on clamp to start cutting




When one side cutting finished,please turn another side to cut



Now 2M2 Tank have finished Hyundai HY22 key cutting,you can test.


How to Use 2M2 Key Machine Cut Peugeot NE73 Key

In this instruction will show you the procedures on how to use 2M2 key cutting machine to cut key for Peugeot NE73 with a working key.

How to Use 2M2 Key Machine Cut Peugeot NE73 Key (1)


Build connection between 2M2 Magic Tank and mobile app,then enter 2M2 menu to input “NE73”

How to Use 2M2 Key Machine Cut Peugeot NE73 Key (2)

How to Use 2M2 Key Machine Cut Peugeot NE73 Key (3)


Now we need the working key to decode the key code

Use the stop and insert it to the right slot

Block the key shoulder and clamp it.,then press “CONFIRM” button to continue

How to Use 2M2 Key Machine Cut Peugeot NE73 Key (4) How to Use 2M2 Key Machine Cut Peugeot NE73 Key (5)

How to Use 2M2 Key Machine Cut Peugeot NE73 Key (6)

Then it will start decoding,just wait for proceed…

How to Use 2M2 Key Machine Cut Peugeot NE73 Key (7) How to Use 2M2 Key Machine Cut Peugeot NE73 Key (8)


After decoding finishing,press “CUT” button

How to Use 2M2 Key Machine Cut Peugeot NE73 Key (9)

Remove the working key on the clamp,and put the blank key on.

Please set the key embryo on the left side

Let the front end of the key close to the first slot and does not exceed it.

The key remains level on the bottom and clamp it.

How to Use 2M2 Key Machine Cut Peugeot NE73 Key (10) How to Use 2M2 Key Machine Cut Peugeot NE73 Key (11)


Cutting proceed…

How to Use 2M2 Key Machine Cut Peugeot NE73 Key (12) How to Use 2M2 Key Machine Cut Peugeot NE73 Key (13) How to Use 2M2 Key Machine Cut Peugeot NE73 Key (14)


Test work correctly

How to Use 2M2 Key Machine Cut Peugeot NE73 Key (15)