How to Perform Tool Level Changing for CG Godzilla Cutting Machine

Every time you change probe or milling cutter,you must perform “tool leveling adjusting”,so here will show you guide on how to perform tool level changing for CG Godzilla cutting machine.



Enter “Parameter” option to select “Tool change level”


It will show you some tips,just follow it


Replace with the required milling cutter

Tool-Level-Changing-for-CG-Godzilla-Cutting-Machine-3 Tool-Level-Changing-for-CG-Godzilla-Cutting-Machine-4


Now back to press “Start” button


After testing,adjust the milling cutter to the proper position according to the prompts


If you adjust the milling cutter to the proper position,it will prompt you with massage “Congratulations,the probe and cutter have been leveled”


Tighten the screw and press “drop out” button


Back to “Parameters” menu to select “Tool change level” and then press “Start” button


Check the clamp,if both lights on the software are green,it mean adjustment successfully

And if one of light is yellow,you need to do adjustment again.




How to Use CG Godzilla Machine Cut Honda HON66 Key

In this post will show you guide on how to use CG Godzilla machine to cut key for Honda HON66.



Put the working HON66 key on clamp


Select “Learning”,CG Godzilla will start decode

How-to-Use-CG-Godzilla-Machine-Cut-Honda-HON66-Key-2 How-to-Use-CG-Godzilla-Machine-Cut-Honda-HON66-Key-3


Key learning successfully


Now remove original key,and put the a blank key on clamp


Then press “Cutting”,and click “Continue”

How-to-Use-CG-Godzilla-Machine-Cut-Honda-HON66-Key-6 How-to-Use-CG-Godzilla-Machine-Cut-Honda-HON66-Key-7


Now wait for cutting

How-to-Use-CG-Godzilla-Machine-Cut-Honda-HON66-Key-8 How-to-Use-CG-Godzilla-Machine-Cut-Honda-HON66-Key-9


After one side cutting finishing,please change the other side to cut

How-to-Use-CG-Godzilla-Machine-Cut-Honda-HON66-Key-10 How-to-Use-CG-Godzilla-Machine-Cut-Honda-HON66-Key-11 How-to-Use-CG-Godzilla-Machine-Cut-Honda-HON66-Key-12


Both side cutting completely,clean clamp and key

How-to-Use-CG-Godzilla-Machine-Cut-Honda-HON66-Key-14 How-to-Use-CG-Godzilla-Machine-Cut-Honda-HON66-Key-15


CG Godzilla Key Cutting Machine Cut BMW 116 HU92RP

Topic: CG Godzilla Cutter cut BMW 116 HU92RP key



Car key: original BMW 116 HU92RP key + blank key embryo

Tool: cylinder

Device: CG Godzilla automotive key cutting machine




Before cutting the key, use the cylinder to test the original car key

The key can work normally, and then continue to operate

Power on CG Godzilla Cutter and connect to WiFi


Enter the main menu

Select the corresponding car model

Follow the prompt to put the original key on CG Godzilla key cutting machine

And the machine start to check the slot position of the key automatically

When finish this step, follow the instruction to put the new key embryo instead of the original one

Confirm to cut

It takes approximately 3 minutes to cut the new key

When cut process complete, take out the key and clean

Insert it into the cylinder to learn

Finally, the new key works fine!


Result: CG Godzilla auto key cutting machine can cut BMW 116 HU92RP key successfully


For your information, here is the related video for watching clearly:


Good luck!