Making Double sides Flat Keys by Defu 368 Vertical Key Machine

Defu 368A vertical key machine is a very cheap machine, but does cut most keys well with clamp addons for tibbe etc.

DOES NOT DO “all keys lost”

Ok for doing double sided flat keys buy a universal key clamp and cut it up as in picture 1. (universal clamp won’t do these keys)

drill 2.5 mm holes for clamp screws and use 3mm tap to run threads picture 2.

cut some shims from the supplied steel shims picture 3.

Pictures 4 and 5 perfect working key

Brilliant machine for the money

386a-makes-double-sided-flat-keys-01 386a-makes-double-sided-flat-keys-02 386a-makes-double-sided-flat-keys-03 386a-makes-double-sided-flat-keys-04 386a-makes-double-sided-flat-keys-05


Attach DEFU Defu 368A key cutting machine working platform.


Making Double sides Flat Keys by Defu 386 Vertical Key Machine

Credits to @ROD-BENDERS poster ( forum) for his experience sharing.

I think you are interested in where to get the cheapest and working DEFU 368A?

You can go to here:

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