A7 key cutting machine works with what LISHI Auto Pick & Decoder


Miracle A7 key cutting machine works better and easier with LISHI 2-in-1 Auto Pick & Decoder.

A7 is able to program 90% keys directly when all keys lost without removing chip, just 10 minutes’ work.

A7 key cutting machine works with these LISHI Auto Pick as follows:

No. Applicable Models
HU100  2-IN-1 Opel, Buick
HU64 2-IN-1 Mercedes
Renault 2-in-1 Renault
VA2T 2-in-1 Triumph
HU101(10) 2-IN-1 Focus
SIP22  2-IN-1 Fiat
TOY40 2-IN-1 Old Lexus
TOY48  2-IN-1 New Lexus
NE78  2-IN-1 Peugeot 406
Toyota2 2-in-1 New Toyota 2 Track
HU58  2-IN-1 Old BMW
HU83 2-IN-1 Peugeot 307
HU100R  2-IN-1 2010 BMW
YM30  2-IN-1 Old Saab
NE66  2-IN-1 Volvo
HU43  2-IN-1 Old Opel
HU56  2-IN-1 Old Volvo
HU92  2-IN-1 New BMW
HU66 2-IN-1 VW
Renault(A) 2-in-1 Renault Mirrors
HON66 2-IN-1 Hyundai
TOY43 2-IN-1 Camry
GT15 2-IN-1 Fiat
NE72  2-IN-1 Peugeot 206
MIT11 2-IN-1 Mitsubishi
NSN14 2-IN-1 Nissan
NSN11  2-IN-1 Nissan
YM28 2IN1  
HU46 2IN1 Buick
HY22 2-IN-1 Hyundai
HY16 2-IN-1 New Hyundai(Right)
HY15  2-IN-1 Old Hyundai (Left)
HYN7R  2-IN-1 Old Hyundai (Left)
HYN11  2-IN-1 Old Hyundai (Right)
DAT17  2-IN-1 Subaru
HU49  2-IN-1 Jetta
HU87  2-IN-1 Suzuki