Free download v1.7 FMPC001 update tool pin code reader

Free download all PMPC001 incode calculator v1.7 update files here, including FMPC001 driver, v1.7 update bin, DFU v1.1 exe… and learn to update PMPC001 to version 1.7 for Ford/Mazda pin code calculation.


Free download:

FMPC001 driver.rar

FMPC001 V1.7.1 update.bin

FMPC DFU V1.1.exe


System requirement:

Windows XP/ Windows 7



English, Chinese


How to change FMPC001 setup language:

fmpc001-pin-code-reader-1.7 (1)


How to update FMPC001 calculator to version 1.7:

1 connect FMPC001 device by usb to pc
2 install drivers
3 copy FMPC DFU V1.1.exe and FMPC_V1.7 Upgrade.bin to desktop
4 rename: FMPC_V1.7 Upgrade.bin to 1.bin
5 start update: step 6- step 14 

6 Right click the compressed file “FMPC001 UPDATE TOOL” to extract it.

7 Select “Install from a list or specific location (Advanced)” and go on.

fmpc001-pin-code-reader-1.7 (2)

8 Tick on the second square for “Include this location in the search” and drowse for folder (My Network Places/ FMPC001 UPDATE TOOL/ FEMPC001 UPDATE TOOL/ drivers).

fmpc001-pin-code-reader-1.7 (3)

9 Finish installing the software for FMPC001.

fmpc001-pin-code-reader-1.7 (4)

10 Right click “My Computer ” for “Manage”.

Select “Device Manager(on the left menu)/ PC-201403181537/ lbusb-win32 devices/ FMPC001”

fmpc001-pin-code-reader-1.7 (5)

Then close the interface.

11 Open the folder “FMPC001 UPDATE TOOL”, then “FMPC001 UPDATE TOOL/ FMPC DFUV1.7”.

12 Search device.

fmpc001-pin-code-reader-1.7 (6)

And select “Update” for file selection (“FMPC001 UPDATE TOOL/ FMPC_V1.7 Update”).

13 Preparing updating

14 Update FMPC DFU_En V1.7 succeed.


New functions can be performed after v1.7 update:

1- update smart matching programs

1) support Lincoln MKZ (2014-) all key lost

2) update Mazda CX-5 key-matching program:

no need direction connection to the device;

no need pin code;

support all key lost

3) update Mazda Ate Zi key-matching program:

no need direction connection to the device;

no need pin code;

support all key lost

4) update Mazda Angkesaila key-matching program:

no need direction connection to the device;

no need pin code;

support all key lost

2- update instrument mileage correction rehabilitation programs for models below:

1) Mazda CX-5

2) Mazda Ate Zi

3) Mazda Angkesaila

4) Mazda CX-9

5) Mazda M2

6) Mazda M3

7) Mazda M5

8) Mazda M6 (2005-2009)

9) Mazda M6 (Core Wing)

10) Mazda M6 (2014-)

11) older Pentium


 For most vehicles, it does not need tokens. But for latest Ford Mondeo, Ford ESCORT, ford Mustang and so on, still need tokens. This machine comes with 50 tokens. After tokens are used up, you can buy tokens from the customer service at, 85USD for 50 tokens.
How To add tokens:
1. Buy SS146-T.
2. After you pay, pls tell us your serial number, we will contact the factory to add the tokens for you.
3. We will inform you after the tokens added.
4. Then you need connect the device, and install the driver well, open the Update Tool to update and finish it.
Tokens update tool download:


FMPC001-2015 Best Ford Mazda Outcode Incode Calculator newly release one Ford Mazda Outcode – Incode Calculator, it is named FMPC001 Ford/Mazda Incode Calculator, as following picture likes, it is packed with one FMPC001 main unit with OBDII connector, one USB cable, and one box.


FMPC001 Ford/Mazda Incode Calculator is Best, the following reasons to prove.

1.No need connect to the computer, as the picture shows, it is with screen to display data, just connect to OBD2 connector and play! While the old Ford Outcode/Incode Calculator +SW Dongle+2000 Tokens need to install on old XP computer that will take some trouble to some users.
2.FMPC001 support update. The packed USB cable is used to update.
Follow the steps to update:
1)Pay 85USD to add another 50tokens.
2)Send us serial number
3)We add tokens to the server
4)Connect FMPC001 via USB calbe to the computer; install the driver, open update tool to update.
Download FMPC001 update tool (also used to recharge tokens) :
3.FMPC001 doesn’t deduct tokens for old Ford Mazda models, but only new models, it will deduct one tokens for each time calculation. In contrary, the old Ford Outcode/Incode Calculator +SW Dongle+2000 Tokens deduct tokens for both old and new models.
4.FMPC001 supports newest car models. Such as 2014+ new Focus3, 2010+ Kuga, 2014+ Mondeo, etc
5.Able to transfer 6 digits OUTCODE to 4 digits INCODE for old Ford and Mazda.

Next is to use FMPC001, it is easy to do as follows:
Connect one end of FMPC001 FORD/MAZDA INCODE Calculator to the vehicle OBD port, and the other end to the device that can read OUTCODE, when the OUTCODE is read out, the calculator display the INCODE, then input both the INCODE and OUTCODE to calculate, no need to connect to the PC.
Note: With press button which allow user to manually press it to choose the vehicle if the automatic identification option not work

Ford/Mazda FMPC001 incode calculator V1.5 Free download

New hand-held FMPC001 Incode and Outcode Calculator for Ford/Mazda/Jaguar/Land rover without token limitation software has newly updated to V1.5. Ford & Mazda incode calculation software driver v1.5 & installation video can be free download here:!nxVxACQD!AvmZUcShkwEqnUu-b5MBMjwvDAz-d-xWYtG01cxcwdI

Operating system: Windows XP/ Windows 7 32-bit

FMPC001 incode calculator V1.5 update feature:

  1. Add Ford new Edge Smart key programming (free)
  2. Add 2 types of New Mondeo key and new protocol smart key programming (free)
  3. Add Lincoln MKC smart key programming (free)
  4. Add Land rover Discover Sports odometer reset (free)
  5. Fix Land Rover & Jaguar smart key programming bug (more stable and more vehicles are added, support all key lost) (free)

How to install FMPC001 incode calculator V1.5 for Ford&Mazda?

  1. Download Ford&Mazda INCODE V1.5UPDATE file from link above
  2. Unzip Ford&Mazda INCODE V1.5UPDATE
  3. System will find hardware driver
  4. Select “Install from a list or specific location (Advanced)”, click “Next


  1. Save file to C:/Documents and Settings/…Ford&Mazda ICNODE V1.5 UPDATE/driver, press “Next”


  1. Click “Finish” when driver installation is completed


  1. Open Ford&Mazda INCODE V1.5UPDATE folder on desktop
  2. Open FMPC DFU 1.1 update tool


  1. Click “Search device” and then press “Update


  1. Browse file to FMPC-V1.5 Upgrade


  1. Update in progress. Wait for 5 minutes


Update successfully, press OK

Software update is done.


For most vehicles, it does not need tokens. But for latest Ford Mondeo, Ford ESCORT, ford Mustang and so on, still need tokens. This machine comes with 50 tokens. After tokens are used up, you can buy tokens from the customer service of, 85USD for 50 tokens.

How to add FMPC incode calculator token?

  1. 1. After you pay, please provide your serial number, we will contact the factory to add the tokens for you.
  2. We will inform you after the tokens added.
  3. Then you need connect the device, and install the driver well, open the Update Tool to update and finish it.



Top 3 Ford Outcode/Incode calculators in the aftermarket

Free Ford outcode/incode calculator software is available in various search engines. But some have only 3-day limits, some come with virus or crack. The safety way is to get one with USB dongle or OBD2 plug. here introduces top 3 Ford incode calculators in the aftermarket.


  1. FMPC001 Incode Calculator for Ford/Mazda 


FMPC001 is the newest and advanced generation incode calculator for Ford and Mazda. The current software is V1.3.  The FMPC001 calculator is designed to calculate 6 digits OUTCODE transfer to 4 digits INCODE for old Ford and Mazda.  It also works for 2014+ new Focus3, 2010+ Kuga, 2014+ Mondeo



No need to install software

Hand-held, no computer needed

No token limitation

Update via CD


FMPC001 comes with build in 50 tokens, deduct 1 point for each reading of new model. No deduction for old models. Tokens need for vehicle Ford Mondeo Ford ESCORT Ford Mustang.

FMPC001 Incode Calculator for Ford/Mazda

Customer review:

You use it as a pass through. It works every time, you simply plug it into the obd2 port then plug the scan tool into the device. When you get to the outcode part the device generates the incode.



  1. X-horse Outcode/Incode Calculator +SW Dongle+2000 Tokens for Ford 


The original X-horse Outcode/Incode Calculator with software dongle and 2000 tokens is designed to calculate incode for Ford, but it can also calculate incode for Mazda, Land rover, Jaguar, Mercury and Lincoln makes.



Software version: V3.5

Token: 2000

Language: English, Chinese

Operating system: Win XP

Update: NO


Free download Ford incode calculator V3.5 software

Software is free download, but you need to work with sw dongle.



Support Ford car till 2012

X-horse manufactured with super quality

Calculate incode for multi brand vehicle makes

X-horse Outcode/Incode Calculator ford-incode-calcautor-dongle-2


Customer review: sells software that does it as well. It has a dongle along with it that lets you generate 2000 times. I am going to download the new Nissan calculator. It looks like the same dongle.



  1. Incode Calculator 6 or 12 digits for Ford


The Ford 6 or 12 digits incode calculator comes with a software CD and dongle. This incode can be calculated to match PCM to PATS module when installing new or secondhand Ford diesel pumps (can be used without plugging into car). And you will need another diagnostic tool Ford IDS to do Ford pump matching.



Language: English

Operation System: Win XP

Calculate Ford 6-digit and 12-digit incode



No token limited

No internet access


Incode Calculator 6 or 12 digits for Ford ford-incode-calcautor-6-12-digit-2