Lonsdor K518 AKL programming under alarm state for Land Rover / Jaguar

Lonsdor K518 JLR super update AKL programming under alarm state for 2015 – 2018 Land Rover & Jaguar. Is the JLR License available for all software versions of FK72 HPLA?

The answer is:

For FK72 all keys lost, you can directly use Lonsdor specific key to program via OBD;

In another word, need extra: JLR License + Lonsdor specific key.



For HPLA all keys lost, Lonsdor k518 can program via OBD with specific JLR connector.

In another word, for HPLA all keys lost, need extra: JLR License + Lonsdor specific key+ Lonsdor JLR connector.


Good to know:

Lonsdor JLR License: Please provide the machine serial number to activate, no need shipping. JLR license is permanent, won’t be expired.

Here is the guide on FK72 all keys lost key programming with Lonsdor K518

Car model and year: 2017 Jaguar XFL AKL in alarm state version.

Open the car door, the buzzer keeps beeping, car is in alarm state.

Prepare Lonsdor Smart Key 315MHz/ 433MHz (above mentioned) and the unlocked key previously programmed on current car, confirm they don’t work before testing.

Tap [All smart key Lost ] -Yes -> No (all keys lost and not original key) -> Yes (to generate key by following the AKL procedure.


Key position [01] generate key – select Lonsdor specific key for Jaguar Land Rover.

Put the specific key (to be programmed) into K518 card slot.

Tick off “Lonsdor dedicated Jaguar /Land Rover key” and tap “Yes” to go on.

Keep the key placed stably, until the 1st key is generated successfully.


After generating the 1st key, press the remote’s unlock button to disarm car alarm state.


Key position [02] generate key – select the unlocked key previously programmed on current car.

Put the specific key (to be programmed) into K518 card slot.


Tick off ” The current vehicle has been matched with the unlocked original factory or the aftermarket key ” and tap “Yes” to go on.


Failed to generate, because the key was not placed properly, please adjust the key position, retry to generate working key.


The 2nd key is generated successfully.


Lonsdor K518 Program 2017 Jaguar XFL AKL successfully, please back to the home menu.

Next is to test if the two keys’ remote / smart start function work fine.



How to use Xhorse Dolphin XP-005 Cut Key

How to use Xhorse Dolphin XP-005 Cut Key ? It is easy, Xhorse XP-005 is with database, work with iOS and Android system device via Xhorse App. Here is the tutorial show you how to use dolphin XP-005 cut a key.

xhorse dolphin xp-005 cut key

Part 1:

1.Open Xhorse App >>Device Information >>Machine Calibration>>Height Level Adjustment of Cutter.


xhorse-dolphin-xp005-cut-key-2 2.Install and tighten the clamp M1, do not put any key on the clamp .

3.Turn the cutter tightening wrench to fix the cutter and the probe, as shown in the picture of the app.


4.Click on “Continue”in Xhorse app to the step of height level adjustment.


5.Unscrew the probe tightening wrench, adjust it to the same level as the cutter, then turn the tightening wrench to fix the probe.

6.Click on “Continue”.

7.Adjustment finished.

Part 2:

1.Clamp Calibration >>Clamp M1

2.Put a Hon66 key blank on the clamp M1, then turn the key tightening knob to fix it.


3.Click on “Continue”.

4.Calibration finished.

Part 3:

1.Clamp Calibration>>Clamp M2

2.Install clamp M2 (no key on the clamp) and rotate side A upward.


3.Rotate side B upward, click on “Continue”, calibration finished.

4.Rotate side C upward, click on “Continue”, calibration finished.

5.Rotate side D upward, click on “Continue”, calibration finished.


Part 4:

1.Rotate side A upward, put the original key on clamp M2 and tighten it.


2.Xhorse APP>>KeyDuplication>>Single Track External>>Top Align>>Clamp M2-A>>Key Learning


3.After one side of key learning, uninstall the original key and install a new key.

4.Key cutting continues…Key cutting finished.

5.Uninstall the new key and install the original key (unlearned side upward). Key learning…Key learning finished.

6.Uninstall the original key and install the new key (uncut side upward). Key cutting continues…Key cutting finished.



7.Uninstall the new key and verify it in your car.


Xhorse Key Cutting Machine Probe Overview

Problem: mine Xhorse Dolphin key cutting machine, you eat the probes, in universal copy mode, three keys OK, a smash Probe.
Absurd … now send a complaint …. with photos of the broken probes!
Do all updates and settings

Success experience for sharing:

I solved that problem myself. Take your broken probe or some cutter from other machines that you broke to a metal workshop. Tell them to make a new probe from it with same 1mm width, but make sure you make the tip shorter. My probe tip is almost twice shorted and has a longer body going to the tip, this it is much stronger. I used universal cutting with it over 20 times so far and it did not break. Make sure you clean your keys before scanning as well bcs of contacts. Break cleaner or some other solvent…

Some senior locksmith agree:

Yes cleaning with some strong solvent is important.
As for now, I use the cleaner I use om my hands. To wash of any risks of Covid.

But I also use concentrated windscreen wash cleaner.
(But that would make your fingers crack open, after a while). So need some moister, after dealing with this solvent.

But yes. Grease on the keys brake the probes.

So always clean the keys. And also wipe off the probes, to avoid metal dust.
And get a proper reading, hopefully the first time.

Some senior locksmith disagree saying it is risky:

The manufacturer intentionally left the longer tip to break more easily. thus reducing the risk of something else happening to the machine. it is true that your tip is much stronger than the factory one, but also when the machine “makes a mistake” (actually the user), the tip will break easily without effort in engines, sliding bearings etc. just like many other components on similar things and this one is “intentionally” made weakened. what do you think of the idea of ​​a copper probe to do.


The manufacturer is available with new probe:

  1. 1.0mm Tracer Probefor IKEYCUTTER Condor XC-MINI/XC-007/Dolphin XP-005


  1. 1.5mm/2.5mm Tracer Probefor IKEYCUTTER Condor XC-002/Condor Dolphin XP-007


okay, for any service on Xhorse Dolphin, just contact online customer support:

How to contact customer support is simple, open your app and on the right top you see a “+” , which opens several customer support contact functions. Drop your question and in my experience they answer right away (if during Chinese daily hours) or as soon as they come into the office

Key Cutting Machine 2M2 Magic Tank Update Tips

Automatic Car Key Cutting Machine 2M2 Magic Tank Update Tips to follow:  App and machine will automatically updated if your version is old.

Notice: When updating starts, 2M2 Tank machine light will be off. It will finish in some seconds. but need a little patience that is ok. Don’t stop during the update going. That is update working. Please know about it Thanks everyone.

2m2-magic-tank-update-01 2m2-magic-tank-update-02


Question: I tried to update app yesterday but fail to update.

Answer: I don’t know what version your machine is. but easiest way to solve it. please delete your old app and then I give you a link to download and install it.  (about 69mb)

Copy this link to your browser, and download and install it.

Question: Mine updates half way then just sits there. Left it to update over night

Answer: only app updated, 2.2.3 machine is 2021012501, maybe network is slow.

Alright, any problem on the 2M2 Magic Tank machine update, please feel free contact at

Tool Recommendations for Truck Immo All keys lost

Recommend good tools for trucks Immo / All keys lost, particularly Euro trucks – Benz, Scania, Volvo.

There is no universal tool that will do all. I do repairs on all european truck excluding Iveco, and I can share some experience if it comes to immo.

MAN – Any tool to read/write by E-GPT protocols or by BDM (EDC7) or Boot (EDC17 Euro 6) will be okay for engine ECU, and You would need EEPROM programmer and Macaca for FFR/PTM (FFR only EEPROM). With such tool You will be able to disable the immo (but I’m not sure if there is any Immo off option for EDC17 currently). Or You can get MANCATS II and III with developer software and You will be able to programm keys in truck to about 2016 year production. Newer are blocked and harder to bypass.

Volvo/Renault – Get Vocom with PTT, You can easily disable Immo in V2 trucks, change two parameters and You have no Immo and no error on dash. Fast and easy. For V4 trucks, never had to learn yet, as there was no client that needed new keys, so can’t tell much. But PTT will let You disable the Steering Lock that tend to fail on those trucks very often.


DAF – Euro 5 DMCI, Get Davie XDCII with DAF MUX-560, You can program keys, change ECUS, change Immo boxes no problem. For Euro 6, Davie will be ok up to 2016. Newer only Davie 4, but if You’re not authorized DAF Dealer, no Immobilizer programming. It’s totally blocked.

Scania – Get VCI3, install SDP3 and XCOM. Learn how to modify SOPS files and erase Immo with XCOM, and You’re good to go with S6 and S7 Ecus. With S8/EMD1 it’s more complicated but doable. With SDP3 You can teach new keys, delete old ones and with few tweaks to SOPS files, You can also disable the Immo. Still, EMS and COO need to be paired, but it’s easy procedure with SDP3.

So… A lot of money to invest if You want to do every brand. If You want to start cheap – go for Scania. VCI3 is quite cheap, all the necessary software You can find on forum (or bought reliable source sdp3 software). MAN and DAF have the most expensive interfaces right now. There is no do-it-all software, like the ones for cars, that will let You program everything unfortunately.

euro-trucks-immo-all-keys-lost-tools-02 euro-trucks-immo-all-keys-lost-tools-03

Good luck!

2M2 Magic Tank Fo21 Cutting Report

Test report: 2M2 Magic Tank cut Fo21 perfectly and the tech support is always responding.


For the 2M2 Tank Fo21 cutting operation process, Please watch this video on:

There are 3 aspects that surprised me. I want to share with you.
1. On finish battery was low and not seen but machine I see have a safety to not destroy blade will not start to cut, after I plugged power supply was starting to cut.

I manage to not have battery because I not seen I not pug in charger.

so I only connect to power supply an than finish the job perfect.

Watch video: How to Replace Battery for 2M2 Tank?

2. Need to decode manually is simple.


3. I cut and is perfect match. All machines have bugs. But whit this is whit best support all time when I have a real problem support is answered, always is responding even when normally is not on work.

Alright,  there are not only one shop who are available with 2M2 Tank cutting machine, I always trust uobdii:

NP Smart 5-in-1 HU66V.3 Decoder User Manual

What is NP Smart 5-in-1 HU66V.3 Quick Open Tool?

It is a smart decoder 5-in-1 tool which can perform unlocking, code reading, storage proof, data reading.


Why need NP Smart 5-in-1 HU66V.3tool?

It will help locksmith solve any of these problems:

Inaccurate key bitting reading

Not clear at night

Inconvenient to record bitting code

NP Smart Tool Features:

Led display

Locking data

Universal battery (CR2032 Lithium Cell 3V, which can be easily transported by air)

Real-time power

Positioning on

Reset calibration

Multiple storage: up to 12 groups of data storage with query function.

Smart decoder 5-in-1 tool parameters:

Power consumption: approx. 30 -50 cycles

Weight, tool material: stainless steel, package size

Display: LCD with white background light panel, batteries.

Supported storage capacity: 12 data sets

Operating humidity: less than 95% humidity (non-condensing), operating temperature.

NP Smart 5-in-1 HU66V.3 Operation Video:

Purpose:  To correctly read the key bitting code.

As you can watch, NP Smart 5-in-1 HU66V.3 tool wins in:

  1. Intuitive Led indicator display.
  2. LED Backlightfor clearer data display.
  3. Show battery percentageat the right corner of screen.
  4. Data stability: Toggle the lock to display the current position data in real time.

np-smart-5-in-1-hu6-v3-tool-user-manual-02 np-smart-5-in-1-hu6-v3-tool-user-manual-03 np-smart-5-in-1-hu6-v3-tool-user-manual-04 np-smart-5-in-1-hu6-v3-tool-user-manual-05 np-smart-5-in-1-hu6-v3-tool-user-manual-06

After reading the key bitting code successfully, you can enter it to any cutting machine to cut the key, like Xhorse Dolphin XP007 or 2M2 Magic Tank which cut spare keys from code.
Learn more:

NP Tools Smart 5-in-1 HU66V.3 Decoder:

NP Tools Smart 5 In 1 Tool HU92V.3:

How to select Mercedes Benz HU64 key blade depth by Dolphin XP005

How to select Mercedes Benz HU64 key blade depth?

There are three option in Xhorse dolphin database which express different kinds of HU64 key blank ( Enter ” Cut by bitting” -> HU64). Image 1 shows the keys with the same depth number displayed in three different options).



Observe the red box in the figure, where the values are 580,450,380
These three values indicate the distance between the 10th depth and the top of the key.
Judging by the distance in front of the owner’s key. In addition, the further the distance, the minimum the slope at the top of the key; the closer the distance, the maximum the slope. HU64 has the minimum slope, HU64-2 has the medium slope, and HU64-3 has the maximum slope.

Let’s go to cut HU64, HU64-2, HU64-3 Key Blank using Xhorse Dolphin:

  1. In your phone, go to Google Store (for Android) or APP Store (for IOS) to search “Xhorse” to download and install. Details at: Xhorse DolphinUser Manual(Page 10 – 13)
  2. Turn on the Bluetooth connection.


  1. Select “Cut by bitting”.


  1. To cut

1) Select “HU64” -> M2-B Clamp type to align -> cutting depth-> input the depth -> cutting -> done.

how-to-distinguish-different-hu64-key-blank-04 how-to-distinguish-different-hu64-key-blank-05 how-to-distinguish-different-hu64-key-blank-06 how-to-distinguish-different-hu64-key-blank-07  how-to-distinguish-different-hu64-key-blank-09

2). Select “HU64-2” -> M2-B Clamp type to align -> cutting depth-> input the depth -> cutting -> done.


3). Select “HU64-3” -> M2-B Clamp type to align -> cutting depth-> input the depth -> cutting -> done.


Look at the image of original Hu64 key vs the new key blank hu64 / hu64-2 /hu64-3,

as you can see the top of HU64-3 has the maximum slope and HU64 has the minimum slope.


Good to know: M2 clamp is packed together with Xhorse Dolphin XP-005 Automatic Key Cutting Machine. It doesn’t need to buy additionally.



2020 Top 4 BMW Key Programming Tools Review

Put together all the best buy for BMW key programming tools based on real users’ reviews, incl. yanhua mini acdp BMW, vvdi2 for BMW, Autohex, Autel IM608 etc.

1.Yanhua mini acdp BMW


I am using yanhua mini acdp. Tested very much times, never failed for me. Very comfy to work from phone, now I always read eeproms by yanhua just from phone.

And with yanhua 0 soldering. Even though it’s easy to folder to cas, it still takes 3min. With yanhua its 30 sec.

2. VVDI2 for BMW

1)  I use vvdi2 for BMW and used to remove eeprom off the board to read, until i had an accident with one!
Have since been reading in circuit using vvdi prog and dropping Vcc down to 3.3v for reading.
So far so good…

2) I have VVDI2 and use this for BMW FEM keys. I was desoldering 95128 chip from FEM and had an accident with one. Managed to get it sorted in the end when someone with Autohex unlocked a used FEM (without key) for me.

I still used my VVDI2 but read the 95128 in circuit using VVDI Prog (dropped the Vcc down to 3.3v) and even Carprog original (again read at 3.3v), read multiple times, verify and compare files. Everything went fine.
It was so much easier and quicker.

3) I have VVDI2 but I used it only once on Mini to read ECU EDC1722 ISN by OBD because autohex fail to read it.
2 days ago I programmed F30 AKL without desoldering with autohex

4) Last week I did F20 akl without desoldering with VVDI2

 3.Autohex for BMW


1) Depends how many BMW you do. Autohex works great on them but its not cheap.

2) Autohex it’s a good tool to invest!
I don’t use it much but I know if something goes wrong autohex will save my assess?

3) If you have only locksmith version and you try to program petrol CAS3+ with Continental ECU by OBD you will be very surprised

4) I’ve started with Autohex II BMW Lite Locksmit  but been forced to update to AutohexII BMW Full Version.
If don’t have full, it’s a bit useless!

5) E70 AKL is the same! Cannot be done even if they are saying “all e and f series”.
Also fem/bdc, 99% of them need update before unlock. Can be done from advanced functions but not always!

But worth having full!
Many BMW on the road and are not the best cars..


Good think about AH – it will notify you when clip is not connected. You won’t go any further without that. I use AH a lot and since 2 years now never fail on me so far.
Only bad but I can say is CAS4. You won’t do even spare key with OBD if you don’t have ISN.

4. Autel IM608


I bought im608 few weeks back..
So I’m testing this tool on bmw..
It has a lot functions…so I’m testing as I go…
Waiting on for the g-box2 couse cant work on bench without it…
Trying to read ISN on edc17c06 by obd ..cas3+..
Cas ok but it takes long for ecu to read isn so im not sure does it work or is just take longer…

More operation guide on Autel IM608 BMW(CAS1/CAS2/CAS3/CAS4/FEM/BDC)

To be upgrading…

Thanks to all users of DK forum.