VVDI2: BMW FEM BDC key program coming in next update (Samic confirm)

Xhorse vvdi 2 V5.0.0 will be able to do FEM and BDC keys for bmw

So no matter how many BMW cars with FEM, just wait…

For the official release with user manual, please keep an eye on www.uobdii.com banner or column “News & Notice”.

As you can see Xhorse vvdi2 5.0.0 in Chinese already enable “FEM/BDC reset mileage0” and “Generate FEM/BDC key”.

vvdi 2 BMW FEM BDC

How to pay?
if you have Condor, it needs 6000 points;
if you have no Condor, it needs 8000 points.

To have your BMW cars with FEM, please ensure to have one VVDI2 firstly.


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